Day 17 OC Challenge: Draw your OC’s best friend.

To cheer up Cirrus, Celeste brought her some Mint Chocolate Chip for them to share. #friendgoals

Day 16 OC Challenge: Broken Up With

“What do you do when your heart has shattered into pieces and your whole world feels like it’s falling apart…”

I did a different take on an old drawing back from 2016. I like this version better.

(I want to start posting more backstories for my OCs on here in the future.)

“Bitch-chan~ you look so cute when I tease you” he purred, his pale cheeks flushed a light pink shade. He gently parted your legs, fitting himself between him. His cold breath against your inner thigh caused a moan to escape your lips and a blush to rush over your face. As his fangs penetrated into your skin, his fingers traced over the lining of your panties.

Day 12 OC Challenge: Draw your OC drunk.

This Baka right here is so drunk he doesn’t realize he has wine in his glass.
(Background: Raine is a 17 year old heir to the throne. In his kingdom, teenagers who are about to embark adulthood are allowed to drink.)

Drawing his expression and messy hair was really fun. I’m thinking about changing his hair color because I feel like he has too much blue in his color palette.

Day 13 OC Challenge: Draw your OC playing an instrument.

I tried a background for this one and I’m pretty happy with how it came out…(the purple and magenta didn’t blend together that well but it’s alright). I really love sunsets and starry skies so they inspired the background.
I’m calling this one “Sunset Acoustics”.

Took a small detour from the OC challenge and did some Krul Tepes Fanart for Fanart Friday. (I love my OCs but I really missed Fanart). Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Hopefully I can post Day 14 OC challenge later tonight.

Shuu looked back at you with his vibrant oceanic eyes, as you were on top of him with your legs straddled. You could feel his hardness against your inner thigh, and your cheeks become stained crimson. He gave you a seductive smirk.
“Well? What’re you waiting for?” he asked you. He grabbed you by the collar of your shirt, and pulled you down onto him. When you came down, he wasted no time and immediately kissed you passionately.

Day 7 OC Challenge (Colored Version). Really like how the colors turned out. Onward to day 8!

(P.S- Does anyone know how to edit yellow lighting out of photos using an photo-editing app? I try and use auto white balance but it ends up looking to bright. )

Day 7: OC Crossover. Lately, I’ve been watching and reading Seraph of the end. My fav chara so far is Mika so I drew him with my OC Camden dressed as Ferid (only b/c I like his outfit)… still a w.i.p and hope to post the colored version later today.