Incorporating Fashion into Comics: An Analysis (Part 1:Manga Char. Designs)

Comics have been around for longer than most people are even aware of. Telling stories of the lives of fictional characters through pictures is a tale that goes back thousands of years. Though all these characters and settings may be different but one thing about them has remained constant over the many years: the story their clothing tells. 

Fashion designers start off by drafting out the ideas of how they want a certain outfit or design to look. This is where the two art styles tend to collide and intersect. Character design takes notes from fashion design for how they want the story of the character to be told without saying a word. Let’s look at one character’s clothes from a popular manga and analyze the story that outfit tells:

This is Monkey D. Luffy, protagonist of One Piece. In the story he is the captain of a small, ragtag group of pirates with the goal of finding a lost treasure that will make him the Pirate King. If we take a look at his clothes there’s something that we see right off the bat: he wear’s clothing that frees his limbs. Instead of wearing shoes of some kind he just wears sandals and has a hat that he’s wearing here around his neck. His outfit shows an immense amount of freedom as well as keeping his body cool while traveling out in the sun for days on end. His outfit is what one would think a person who is fun loving and traveling the seas should wear. It’s also a very simple outfit matching with Luffy’s simple-mindedness. The hat is a memento from his mentor that he treasures dearly, shown in this picture by being on his being without actually wearing it. His outfit may not be extravagant or complicated but it portrays his personality and tells his story very well and very briefly. The use of primary colors in his outfit also help to show his role as the main character and the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. 

Now look at this manga here, which has fashion as an integral part of the plot and a main driving force between several characters in it. The clothing designs give it away almost instantly, but look at the character on the right and focus on their clothes. Notice how her clothes give her an air of royalty that make her look like more than a princess or a queen by the very essence of nobility itself. The many pearls that adorn the skirts frills as well as the jewels and gems on the crown. It speaks to someone who comes from a wealthy family and enjoys flaunting their natural beauty and wealth while also showing a playfulness to her. It’s a beautiful piece of clothing that lends itself well to the kind of character she is…or rather he is. Sorry to fool you this whole time but that’s actually a boy who enjoys cross-dressing. Don’t worry, for any of you wishing to read this gorgeous story that’s not a spoiler.

That about wraps it up for this post, however I don’t think I’m fully done with this topic so I think I’ll just make this part 1 for now. There are so many other manga and anime that need to be covered that have lent themselves to increasing the fashion sens of anime and manga fans for the last couple years. If you guys have any other ideas for what I should include in this post or any others let me know! Until down, Ciao for now~!!

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Tales of Zestiria the X - 25 [Final]

> It could be arousal! … just saying you never know?

> NO! She lost the shortshorts *cries*

> *Tears of Joy*

> I was F###’n Waiting for this! AND NOW I LOST MY S###!

> Oh my sweet delicious flower! I see we are modeling after a certain woman!

> I bet it does… that sweet taste of yum yums!

> Confirmed!

> This day just keeps getting better and better!

> Welcome back friend!

Little Witch Academia - 15

> The only reason why i liked the idea, it kind of gives a platform for witches who might not be proficient with using magic… if tapping icons allows anyone to cast spells that’s pretty cool… but i’m sure the power consumption would play; hard!

> The one time I want to rub this in Diana’s face; I can’t! Because in the end she’s right *cries*

> +1 for keeping high school year book pictures real!

> They had to be secret lovers?! my evidence: No matter how much time passes; you’ll always remember THE ONE!

> This is why I hope Diana and Akko become more than friends; so this won’t happen in the future.

> Oh my goodness!

> Your SEXY! *cries* and THOSE EYES!

> note: don’t buy a roomba. reason: in case they start shooting at you!

roomba: You put me in the kitchen today… I Don’t do Kitchens!

*prepares itself*

me: Wait I’m sorry!

roomba: Me too!

> I almost lost my shit! Great episode… I was hoping she was going to reveal her identity tough but i guess i’ll cry later!

Granblue Fantasy The Animation - 12

> Okay… Okay… You can join the crew! We need treasure hunters.

> The more the merrier! I approve of your application! Also we don’t have a twin blade user yet!

> O YES! YOU TOO CUTIE! Now we have another sniper on the team.

> ! ! ! MORE CUTIES ! ! ! … YES YOU CAN JOIN! I never had a cannon user on the team.

> Okay… now I have my guard up lol. You can join as well cutie! Paladins welcome!

> Holy Hell! YES WE NEED A LANCER! Hired!


Little Witch Academia - 20

> “Yea… Diana couldn’t handle magic well, but during that same time ALL THESE LADIES WERE WITH ME!” Damn it Jimmy! LIES I TELL YOU, LIES!

> Akko… 1) I think you built up a tolerance! 2) JUST HOW MANY POISON EXPERIMENTS!


> why am i tearing too!

> Agreed… It’s Diana

>> Agreed more! because it’s Kirigiri!

> Merry F###’n Christmas!

>> She’s going HAM next episode with this unlock!


> LMFAO! “I will not repeat myself…”

>> we finally have a new found respect for each other … aka friendship!

Shingeki no Kyojin S2 - 36



1) Mikasa is straight up hardcore!

2) Damn it Historia! lol.



>> You know what would be funny (given the situation I know but…) If eren just started going out of character and said something wild like “Mikasa… I never had the chance to tell you this but, I Love You!” SHE WOULD GO BERSERK!

> Arimin is smart; but not stupid for saying something like that in front of Mikasa.

> He’s a F###ing Champ!

>> also levi is going to be pisseeeddd….!!!!

> OH NO!!!!

> Those jedi mind tricks!

> My hero!

> GTFO…..

>> This episode was amazing…

Little Witch Academia - 21

> didn’t see that happening.

> yes, now turn around and do it!

> Well I have a 50/50 chance.

>> jokes on wagandea, because akko has the engineering broom. If so!



< I do acknowledge akko’s effort in trying her darn hardest to gain the possibility to meet chariot. (even though we all know), but in her case and her position to go to any extent to find her; that’ get me in the heart.

> more tears shed, but no reveal today lol.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records - 11

> These Girls! lol.

> She can’t fight the feeling!

> Come here lol! *hugs* Your so naughty *tear*

> Just so we’re clear! I voted 10 on the sexy scale! OUT OF A POSSIBLE 5 POINT TOTAL ! ! ! 5 WOMAN! FIVEEEE!!!

> oh my…

< i mean i understand from what the anime has shown us; I can only speculate that Yes, he has killed before… but like what could be another reason for hiding?

> Did she really have those breasts! ? MY GOD! LOL