petshopofhorrors asked:

I was just curious, do you put together / use character bibles or anything like that when creating your comics?

I have a folder full of character references and relevant facts so that I don’t forget them. Also, for each character, I usually put up a list of adjectives to describe that person so that they’ll act consistently when in certain situations. 


I watch so much anime and literally know nobody who does so i never get to talk about the shows i’ve seen :( i follow some anime blogs but not enough wahh. Talk to me about them!!! I’ll post some of my favourites, recommend some! Followers be my friend :(

Death Note

Hellsling (and all the OVAs)

Petshop Of Horrors

Paranoia Agent

Kill La Kill

Tokyo goul

Samurai Champloo


Ninja Scroll

Attack On Titan

Monster (currently watching)

#Regram from @lemonaid_cosplay at @nwfanfest in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada・・・
I was a bird. I almost died. Thank you to everyone who stopped to talk to me or took a photo. I hope to see you all in the future! Oh, and let me know if you have any pictures of me! #NWFF #NWFF2015 #northwestfanfest #cosplay #convention #animeconvention #petshopofhorrors #anime #queenofthebirds

Throw back Thursday of my Phoenix from Petshop of Horrors with @veloursrequiem as Count D ! Not as tough as Alucard but still probably the craziest wig I’ve done. I ended up having bendable sheets of metal in the wig to support the outside. Still love these Cosplays and how our group turned out! Photo by @batshley ! #petshopofhorrors #countd #phoenix #anime #cosplay #oldschoolanime #crazywig

Люблю я эту фотку :) Косплей из шкафа, епт хд 2010 год Леон из Магазинчика ужасов (без пояснения и графа рядом, хрен догадаешься кто это) #cosplay #cosplayer #petshopofhorrors #leon #manga #anime #smoke #detective #oldcosplay #mycosplay #косплей