Brothers Conflict - Gestures of Affection

Masaomi – head ruffles and little gifts like bags of candy and little bouquets

Ukyo – quick little hand squeezes and nice dinners, subtle but romantic

Kaname – hand-written poetry in calligraphy and nicknames

Hikaru – hand holding on walks, just staying up late, talking into the night

Tsubaki – flashy dates and kisses to the back of the neck

Azusa – cuddling and quiet talks

Natsume – watching movies and a kiss to the forehead, long text conversations

Louis – playing with each other hair, surprise flowers and pieces of jewelry

Subaru – a surprise hug from behind, straightforward compliments

Iori – picnics on the roof under the stars, sitting together just reading

Yusuke – shoulders brushing as you run errands together, those comfortable silences where no one feels the need to talk

Fuuto – dedicated songs and expensive gifts

Wataru – big hugs that last forever and words of affection

Kaname Dating Headcanons
  • Kaname is very flirtatious and reliable
  • Expect lots of flirting. Lots of it. He likes seeing your flustered face
  • Night walk dates by the ocean
  • You seeing through his flirtatious nature and remind him he’s actually a good person
  • He tries to give you guidance when you’re feeling down or have a problem and is a great shoulder to cry on
  • He reminds you that you’re the only girl for him
  • Dates at fancy hotel restaurants and cafes
  • Late night drives to his favorite secret spot
  • You helping him look out for his brothers
  • Going to festivals together
  • He quit his job as a Monk to show he’s serious about you
  • First time he kisses you, it’s when you first meet, but it’s on the cheek. He kisses your lips for the first time in the heat of the moment in the middle of a date
  • His kisses are romantic and caring
I really hope this is also true...