Snk Sexualities

*My impressions. Don’t get mad please.*

Levi: Gay. We’ve never seen Levi mention any type of romantic relationship. But I think he’s gay. Isayama has mentioned that Levi likes tall people, and he does have a mild obsession with a blond 6′2 Commander. Also, he’s wearing Erwin’s Jacket.

Erwin: Bi. We know he at least likes women because he mentions an interest in, Marie, a woman he meet at bar while in training. but there are reasons to believe he’s also interested in men. or more specifically his right hand man.

Hanji: Nonbinary, and Moblit all the way. Kind of debatable. In the manga, Hanji’s gender and identity is up for reader interpretation, but the anime seems to have decided on girl. Either way, Hanji is one of my favorite characters and I love watching them.

Moblit: Whatever Hanji needs him to be. 

Mike: Straight, probably has a thing for Nanaba. Isayama said Mike thinks she is the best smelling member of the survey corps and smells like fruit. 99% sure that’s slang for ‘they’re dating’.

Nanaba: Probably straight maybe Bi.

Eren: Straight, but to obsessed with Titans to date.

Mikasa: Straight, but to busy protecting Eren from Titans to date.

Armin: Unknown. I’m really not sure here. I’ve never gotten a romantic vibe from him. maybe. Ace.

Reiner: Bi (Ymir makes a pass at him being interested in guys, and he’s always trying to get with Christa, so it must be both.)

Berthold: Straight. I know some people pair him with Reiner, but I never really got the vibe he returned the affection in a romantic way. If I had to guess I’d say Reiner liked Bert, but Berthold just wasn’t into him that way. Reiner would’ve been sad but he’s such a bro, so he tries to get Bert and Annie together because he wants Bert to be happy.

Annie: Straight

Ymir: Straight up lesbian love

Christa/Historia: Lesbian, maybe Bi. However, there were a lot of guys that showed an interest in her in training, but she only ever returned Ymir’s affections.

Marco: Gay (you don’t look at your ‘buddy’ the way Marco gazed at Jean like he was everything good and right in the universe) 

Jean: Bi. Jean has a crush on Mikasa, but I think he had a crush on Marco as well. I like to think Jean never really grasped the depth of his feelings for Marco until his death. :C )

Sasha: Always a slut for potatoes

Connie: Straight, probably has a thing for Sasha.

Petra: Straight, and probably had a crush on Captain Levi. I bet the others tried to tell her he was gay, but she never took the hint.

Oluo: Straight, I think he acted like Levi because, yes Oluo respected him, but also because he liked Petra and wanted to be more like Levi to impress her.

puppy love ❤️ | reiner x reader

Prompt: “Reiner x fem reader? Them getting their first pet together, Reiner wants one thing and the reader wants another”
Word count: 700

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“Babe, please?“ (Name) jumped up while clapping her hands as she looked at the baby turtles in the tank. She thought they were absolutely adorable and she was determined to take one home. Reiner on the other hand looked at the baby turtles with a rather uninterested look.

(Name) and Reiner had furthered their relationship by moving in together after so many years together. But the house was rather…lonesome. It got boring sometimes with just them there. Yes, the couple threw countless parties that could easily go down in history books but there was just something missing and the couple agreed that something was a pet.

"A turtle?” (Name) turned to look at Reiner. Her eyes never lost that glimmer of excitement. “Sweetie I’ve always wanted a puppy. You know that.” Reiner said as he placed his hand on the small of her back.

“But look how small and adorable they are!” (Name) crouched down to the tank and started to baby talk the turtles in the tank. “Hi! Hello! How are you? I’m (Name)! Can I be your new mommy?” Her index finger rubbed the glass where one of the turtles seemed to put it’s little hand on.

Reiner couldn’t help but smile at her love towards the baby turtles. He didn’t want to admit it but they were actually pretty cute. Reiner walked closer behind her and massaged her scalp. He chuckles at what seemed to be a slight purr come from her. He swears she’s a kitten.

“Let’s get a turtle then, princess.” He says with a small smile. (Name) hops to her feet in excitement and soon jumps onto Reiner pulling him in an embrace. Reiner catches her body with ease.

“Wait,” She pulled away from the hug and looked at him. “What about the puppy you wanted?” She asked now feeling extremely bad.

“I see how much you wanted a turtle and I figured I’d make you happy.” Reiner said and (Name) frowned despite his sweetness. She wiggled out of his grip and landed on her two feet.

“But babe-”
“Hey,” Reiner grabbed both sides of her face and looked in her eyes. “Its okay. I promise.” He kissed her forehead.

“Hey, now I’m going to need you to be quiet or you’re going to ruin your daddy’s surprise.” (Name) told the small puppy that you held in her arms. He simply looked at her with a tilted head. (Name) fixed the bow around his neck before she entered the house cautiously. (Name) popped her head in the crack if the door scanning the living room for any sign of her boyfriend.

When she confirmed no one was in the living room she quietly shut the door behind she once she fully stepped into the house.

“Reiner? Are you home?” She headed up the stairs, walking down the hallway until she reached the bedroom.
“Babe?” Her voice called for him once again as she slowly pushed open the bedroom door.

(Name) smiled when she saw her boyfriend’s sleeping figure sprawled out on the bed. His hair was messier than usual and his shirtless torso was accompanied by gray sweatpants that were dangerously low on his lower half.

She kicked her shoes off and headed towards the bed and sat on the edge. She sat the puppy on Reiner’s chest and giggled loudly when the puppy started to lick his face excitedly. Reiner groaned.

“(Name)…what are you do-” Reiner stopped mid sentence when he opened his eyes to see the cutest puppy he’s he ever seen.
“Surprise!” You smiled widely giving him spirit fingers.
“Wha- How? When?” Reiner sat up against the headboard and held the puppy close to his muscular body and petting him gently. He looked genuinely happy and it warmed her heart.
“Do you like him?” (Name) asked with a smile as she leaned over to pet the puppy on his head.

“Babe, thank you.” Reiner said. “I love him already.” (Name) smiled widely and leaned over to give Reiner a chaste kiss to the lips.

{ H E A D C A N O N S } // Poly Relationship with Jean and Eren

Request: Soo I don’t know if you’re taking requests right now but if you are can you write some sfw and nsfw hcs about jean and eren in a poly realationship with their s/o? Sorry if my english isn’t good - from anon
Warnings: Includes NSFW.


❀ Literally such couple goals. The chemistry that these three have could create a nuclear reaction.

❀ Three-way cuddles are a massive part of this relationship. A lot of the time, they’ll be on a couch with Jean sitting up and Eren’s head in his lap while their S/O lays on top of Eren. They all find this to be extremely comfortable, especially since it lets Jean play in their S/O’s hair, which he loves doing.

❀ Their S/O is the only one who’s able to tame any arguments between Jean and Eren anything close to quickly. Just one stern look from their S/O is all it takes.

❀ Jean loves sketching Eren and their S/O together. He has a secret stash of all his drawings of them under his mattress.


❀ Jean secretly loves to be dominated, so Eren and their S/O will often team up and have their way with him.

T o y s. They have a secrets stash of dildos, handcuffs, whips, gags, and just about everything else in between.

❀ Tag-teaming Eren is a favourite hobby of Jean and their S/O’s. The way that Eren moans a little higher when he’s getting so much attention is practically enough to bring on an orgasm on its own.


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