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Jean trails his fingers along the manta on Eren’s back. He likes the contrast of the black lines against his bronze skin.

Eren mumbles something Jean doesn’t understand. He kisses his shoulder. “Sorry, didn’t get that.” Eren turns his head around, facing Jean. His ocean eyes are blurry with sleep and there are pillow marks on his face. Jean’s belly feels all warm and fluttery at the sight of his half-asleep boyfriend.

“Feels nice,” Eren mumbles. He catches Jean’s grin. “What?” He asks.

“You look like a dork,” Jean teases. Eren scowls but Jean doesn’t miss the amused glint in his eyes.

“You are the dork,” Eren shoots back. He rolls on his side, grabs Jean’s leg to fit his thigh on his hip. Jean makes a pleased sound as Eren squims his fingers along the underside. “I’m not the one studying aeronautic.”

Jean scoffs. “Am I not to your standards mighty karate teacher?”

Eren pinches his thighs and Jean yelps. “MMA,” he corrects. “Also, I’ve never actually learned karate. It’s kung fu.” He burrows his face in Jean’s neck. “I should have never showed you this movie,” he complains. His breath falls over Jean’s skin, warm and regular.

Jean kisses Eren’s cheek, the barely visible freckles over his cheekbone, his temple.“I liked it though,” he says and flattens his hand between Eren’s shoulder blades. He makes his way along his spine, feeling every bump under his palm. Eren goes boneless against him as his hand settles on his lower back.

He checks the time. “Gotta get ready.” Eren groans and nuzzles his nose against his collarbone.

“Stay,” he whines.

Jean disentangles himself from his boyfriend. Eren makes a little sad noise and Jean drops a kiss on the corner of his nose. “Get up, lazy ass.”

“Fuck you,” Eren mutters.

Jean can feel his gaze on him as he stretches. He turns around. Eren’s eyes rest lazily on him. “Like what you see?” Jean teases.

Eren grins, languid. “Sure am, Mister Legs-for-Days.”

Jean rolls his eyes and steps in the bathroom.

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[1] Agree with that reblog and your addition so much! I am holding onto the handful of still decent meta writers like you left on this fandom and avoiding the biased posts & translations. I just had to unfollow another blog for their hateful comments, including some about other meta writers like you. I mean how dare you talk about the sacred ackerbond! (lol). And I must say that I believe the root of all this problem is simply that some people have been living on a "bubble", mostly because >>

[2] they have always been a very problematic side of the fandom and they mostly only interact with others with the same faves/ship. So on this bubble they basically all echo each other, and all the opinions are mostly the same. They end up convinced that their biased interpretations are real, they reinforce it by having others agreeing with them inside their bubble and building on that, and they end up in a point very very far from reality. They focused so much into glorifying Erwin and >>

[3] venerating him for so long that they forgot that he was just a secondary character on a story much bigger than him. They overnalized each panel, each interaction, and interpreted them with a high amount of bias, just to match their romantic fanfictions, and they went way far from what the actual manga was telling. This, although annoying, was not that much of a problem until the recent chapters came out. Then the reality hit, and their world crumbled. All of those interpretations are now >>

[4] proven wrong, but they cannot wrap their heads around it. They can’t believe this is happening! How dare Isayama do this to them! A bit later, the questionable translations came out, and then their attitude changed to thinking there’s this obscure plot twist where EMA are the real villains, Erwin was a saint, and in the end everyone will die tragically, because no one deserves to live after their favorite character dies, of course. So they take a simple interview and twist it to the max >>

[5] picking random words like “sin” and coming up with hidden meanings to them, putting all their hate and bitterness into vilifying Eren & Mikasa (mostly Eren, since many of them were already Eren haters in the first place, because of silly ship wars with the rival ship. They have been already trying to make Eren look inadequate for years). They put all their efforts into trying to find a reason to turn the story into something that matches the delusions they had before. Like this they have >>

[6] become a bunch of bullies who harrass people who dare to contradict all these biased theories they are making up or have a different opinion, alienating the rest of the fandom in the process. I always thought that I wouldn’t mind how Isayama ended his story as long as it was well done, but now the only thing I want is EMA winning and being the saviors and heroes of humanity, so all those people who are killing the fandom with their childish behaviors have to just shut the fuck up. [END].


The truth is I’m biased, too. I think everyone is. I’m also looking very deeply into things and I think that’s absolutely fine. It’s all about what you see in the story, after all.

I agree with you about the “bubble” idea. It’s good to have a more diverse pool of opinions to go through. It gives you a much more diverse picture of different perspectives, even when you don’t agree with them. In general it allows for a more diverse worldview to read and watch a lot of different media, too. Not just “good” or “non-problematic” stuff. You’ll stay ignorant if you always stay in your bubble of safety. It’s also different from limiting your exposure to too much negativity (there’s just so much you can take at points) or even too much positivity (sometimes that’s just boring).

Obviously there are other problems, like mental illnesses that limit that for some people, but especially if you love taking look at media critically it’s useful to consume a lot of it.

I’ve said it a few times now, but there really is sometimes a very big difference in the Attack On Titan Tumblr reads and the actual Attack On Titan.

But in the end, it’s when it turns from criticism to harassemnt where the problem lies.

What the “Ackerbond” amounts to me is “I admire that person and I want them to be well”. Eren and Armin have an Ackerbond, too!

I also disagree with the glorification of Erwin. I remember the middle school spinoff chapter which made fun of that - Erwin was the greatest ever to everyone except Eren, but in the end it turns out he’s not much different from Eren and all the other characters were disappointed. It made fun of how the Japanese fandom put him on a pedestal, making him a saint and the western fandom doesn’t seem much different.

What I like about Erwin is his human side, his imperfections. I don’t think his ideal of “If you can’t sacrifice anything, you can’t change anything.” is entirely one to be admired and I’m happy the anime finale went into that, there’s a number of ways it could go very awful directions when unchecked (especially if you look at the more unsettling direction Armin’s character can possibly take). Erwin himself sees doing what he does in a negative light and it’s true. Nothing about it is actually presented as glorious.

The thing is.. in the end Erwin is actually pretty important, I just don’t think he carries the themes of the story or is the driving force behind it. The SL saw a improvement under his leadership, but he just ended up choosing to be someone to be a stepping stone. In the end he chose to leave it up to those coming next to him and wanted to give his life with his men, rather than live and fulfill his personal dream. Armin wasn’t like that. He did sacrifice himself bravely, but not of the will to die there and Levi pegged Armin as sturdier in the end. Doesn’t help that Levi bringing him back wouldn be just as a safety net for other people. I think he would forever regret that, so he chose what seemed right, rather than what seemed best.

It’s so hard to not let the worst fans colour your opinion of the character and these past few months has been the first time I’ve felt like this - that’s towards Levi/Erwin, their individual characters, even Kenny/Uri and all the fans surrounding these pairings.

I’m so sick of Levi in particular. I’ve always thought he was one of the simplest characters in the series and it’s a struggle to not let awful fans colour your opinion, especially now that they’ve gone over to harassment. It’s a struggle, but in the end the story is separate from fans.

Thank you for the ask!

100 Reasons to Appreciate Levi Ackerman

1.       Has made his mother proud.

2.       Maintains peak physical condition.

3.       Invaluable to humanity

4.       Grace at 65kg.

5.       Became a better person than Kenny.

6.       Down to earth attitude.

7.       Physical and emotional strength.

8.       Eyes give zero fucks yet cause mass swooning.

9.       Crouches to speak to others at their level.

10.   Stays true to his beliefs.

11.   Bringing the cravat back.

12.   Does not blame comrades for failed missions.

13.   Proof that size doesn’t always matter.

14.   The Ackerglare.

15.   A voice like honey poured on thunder.

16.   His going shirtless worsens global warming, so he rarely does.

17.   Respects others’ dreams.

18.   He would run the best tea shop.

19.   Undercut.

20.   Blazing hot in titan blood.

21.   So cute smooth in a gangster shirt with turned-up collar.

22.   Impeccable grooming and personal hygiene.

23.   Short and proud.

24.   Learns from his mistakes.

25.   Became a big brother to Isabelle.

26.   When his hair does the swoosh thing.

27.   Encourages recruits to make their own choices.

28.   Deadly accurate.

29.   Would clean your house… for free.

30.   Hair still looks good after being shoved face-first into a puddle.

31.   Thighs and biceps of hardened steel.

32.   Humanity’s Strongest.

33.   Forgives Mikasa and Eren for trying to overpower his decision in the serum debate.

34.   Grew up with no privilege, food… or anything really.

35.   Silky smooth brows.

36.   Made sacrifices for his friends in the Underground.

37.   His pale skin probably burns.

38.   Overcomes his urge for cleanliness on long expeditions.

39.   Shared his 3DMG skills with Isabelle, Farlan and countless others since.

40.   Seen so much death.

41.   Comes to trust in Erwin absolutely.

42.   Speaks frankly to everyone.

43.   Does not balk in the Courtroom scene, however unpleasant the task.

44.   Awesome agility.

45.   The weight of his losses would crush a lesser man.

46.   Puts vengeance before grief.

47.   Unique blend of crass and sass.

48.   Total tea geek.

49.   Signature spin moves.

50.   Makes more slices than a pizza kitchen.

51.   Impromptu motivational speeches which shouldn’t work, yet do.

52.   Says how it is.

53.   Does not hold grudges against his comrades.

54.   Multifunction kicks.

55.   Is a terrifying ball of fury if you hurt someone he loves.

56.   Consoles the dying.

57.   Knows his team’s strengths.

58.   Rocks a controversial ‘backwards’ blade grip.

59.   He’s socially awkward.

60.   Inspired many to join the scouts.

61.   Works to bring out others’ potential.

62.   The rare gift of his smile.

63.   Swimwear model physique.

64.   He’s selfless.

65.   Protects Eren from his own squad.

66.   Does not discriminate between genders.

67.   He barely sleeps.

68.   Notices when Eren is at risk of burning out when no one else does.

69.   Refuses to give up.

70.   He and Historia set up an orphanage for Underground kids

71.   Misunderstood as emotionless or uncaring.

72.   Is a shit-mouth clean-freak.

73.   Self-taught 3DMG skills.

74.   Bears scars from wearing the straps too tightly.

75.   Gives praise where it is due.

76.   Uniquely poetic: big ass trees.

77.   Makes tough choices.

78.   Master of dramatic poses.

79.   Tries to take the path of least regrets.

80.   Commands respect.

81.   His skills are the result of endless training.

82.   Respects Hanji for who they are.

83.   He’s hug-size.

84.   The man needs a break.

85.   He barely stops for injury – has to be tied down.

86.   Takes promises seriously.

87.   Humanity’s firmest abs.

88.   An inspiration for Underground citizens.

89.   Drop-dead handsome.

90.   Makes no selfish requests.

91.   He’s a loyal friend.

92.   His smile makes flowers bloom.

93.   Refuses to break.

94.   Has a repertoire of quality comebacks.

95.   He has killed more titans than anyone else.

96.   Expressive when it matters.

97.   Goes to great means to make someone realise their potential.

98.   An artist who only uses shades of red.

99.   He has said goodbye far too many times.

100. Will fight to the end for humanity’s freedom.

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