Im so mad
  • Isayama a few chapters ago: False alarm, Armin didn't die and now he's a shifter
  • Me: Thank god jesus christ
  • Isayama now: Actually lol the shifters can live only 13 years after their transformation, Eren and Armin are gonna die soon lmao
  • Me: wHaT THE FUcKKK????!!!???

Some titans wallpapers for computers, you don’t have to thank me :D

I know there’s also a jpg of armin, but first when i saw it i was like “OMG this is soo cool”, so i post it together with wallpapers

I don’t own any of this, just found it at the darkest side of internet


I see an image of people set on fire in chapter 88.

At least Bertl is already dead. Whatever tragedy they’ll make us see about his past it will only mean he was much more prepared for the end he met then I thought.

He was a great guy, he was sweet and sensitive: he didn’t deserve to die like this, neither he deserves such a sad life.

I think the same about Armin, with the difference that he is now alive and conveniently lost memory of what happened to him.