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So, before the war starts…

SUMMARY » In the country that greets the sun first as it rises from the darkness of the world, a dying man dreamed of a sakura tree, large and overwhelming, blooming in the midst of a winter storm. Of course, that was all a dream.

Let me tell you a tale of a king who turned all the things he loved into ashes and dust when his touch could not turn it to gold, because magic is a fickle thing and love is always cruel. 

SOUNDTRACK » one. six etudes for piano: 2, bruce brubaker; two. nocturne in a minor, chad lawson; three. the children, paul englishby; four. november, max richer; five. quartet n. 2, dustin o’halloran; six. wa habibi, kronos quartet; seven. an accidental memory in the case of death, eluvium; eight. no surprises, christopher o’riley /listen

A/N » Here we go for a round 2 in mixtapes! Compared to the last mixtape, these will all be comprised of classical and instrumental music! This is a 3 part thing. Part 1 focuses on chapters 1 - 5 (you can read and follow along here on AO3). I was planning on breaking down what song goes with what scene–even though they’re already in order anyways–I thought I’d just let you guys listen to it and attach whichever scene it fits best. 

:3 This song truly inspired me tonight and I got SO carried away with this drawing. XD

For months I’ve been thinking about this random story idea that I got on my way back from Salt Lake City last year and ever since I can not get it out of my head… Therefore I had to draw SOMETHING for it before my brain exploded, especially since this beautiful cover of Pure Imagination matches my story’s plot perfectly. This OC of mine is named Raiden and if I ever get around to making the comic/manga he would be in it is called False Reality Eradicates Eden. :3

I hope you all like this random doodle!


Say, Makoto, don’t you miss swimming? I do. I do, but…I miss my grandfather so much more. And I’m afraid if I dive in again, I’ll see him down there and try to reach him.

AU » Sousuke and Makoto are childhood friends who did everything together including their hobby for swimming. Unfortunately, after his father’s work is transferred into the city, Sousuke leaves Makoto behind in Iwatobi. Of course, without forgetting to make a promise that they would train to become world renowned competitive swimmers.

A couple of years later, Makoto and his grandfather during their fishing trip were caught in the midst of a storm that resulted in the waves capsizing the boat. In the end, his grandfather drowned, unable to break the surface. Makoto, on the brink of death, was saved by a nearby ship. Soon after, Makoto develops a phobia of large bodies of water (including pools) which causes him to abandon swimming all together. 

Seven years have passed and Sousuke returns to Iwatobi to attend Samezuka Academy and also to see how Makoto’s life has fared. Makoto, now a 2nd year at Iwatobi High School, spends his peaceful (though dull) days with another childhood friend, Haruka Nanase who also dropped out of competitive swimming. Sousuke, afraid of the life and future Makoto is throwing away because of his trauma, tries his best persuade his old friend into swimming again.

Together, just once more.