anime: aladdin


Hey guys! Here’s the first video of the year painting Jasmine from Aladdin :) I wanted to throw Rajah in there too. Hope you enjoy it!


Hello Guys, so I am opening up Cosplay Prop commissions for people!

If you would like to commission me please email me at

Commissions Rules
- email me your Name, character and prop, photo if you have it and date it needs to be ready by
- commissions must be played at least 2 months before the con, please email me if you have questions about this
- I will ship to the US only and there will be a shipping fee
- I will do commissions in the order I receive them, no matter the date you need it by
- props will be foam and/or wood, if you have ideas how or what you want it made tell me
- I will send you progress pictures as I work!

- payment will be made through PayPal, if this is a problem we can work it out
- you must pay half the cost of the commission before I start work
- cost of commission is based on the difficulty of the prop and time spent, which will be worked out through email

Please share and tell friends about my commissions! Thanks guys