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((((/Context for the photoset for those of you that don’t watch/haven’t seen this episode of Osomatsu-san: Ichimatsu’ cat (boy in dark purple) has gained the ability to read people’s true emotions despite what they say and his cat projects them out loud.))))                                          

The thing that I love about this scene of Osomatsu-san ep 5, is that all of these brothers are without a doubt, little fucking shits to eachother. They all do awful, unspeakable, unbelievably rude asshole things to eachother. And they all hold little, stupid (and often understandable) grudges against eachother. They’re all literally their own people, yet they’re all similar in certain ways. And I love them all because it’s kind of like the family ties I’ve always wanted. It’s like some charming Summer Wars shit where all of these vastly different people come together despite everything else because they’re family.                

Like, I dunno about you guys–but I’m the middle girl of 5 other fucking siblings, 3 older sisters and 2 little brothers and I actually have a HUGE fucking family (I’m talking hundreds) but I’ve never met any of them and I’m only close to my two younger brothers.      

And I’ve always kind of been the more sentimental child in wanting to be with my family despite all of our differences,  hardships or how we were raised. But unfortunately most of my family members dislike eachother. Most of them hold the ideal of “having blood relations doesn’t mean that I have to love you” and usually if my family members dislike eachother in at least 3 ways then they’ll never speak and feel fine and not having any remorse in doing so and go on with the lives they’ve chosen. And even though part of me understands that–another piece of me always wished for them all to feel differently.       And so when I watch Osomatsu-san, an anime about a set of sextuplets that are all similar but vastly their own people, it really warms my heart because no matter how different they’ve grown up to be or if they’re all assholes to eachother–they still love eachother and that’s the sweetest fucking thing to me.      

At it’s core it’s a brilliantly written comedy with S rank timing and I believe it reaches a crowd significantly larger than otakus, NEETs or anime enthusiasts–I believe almost anyone can have one character in Osomatsu-san that they can identify with.   I personally identify with quite a few of them, having alot of traits of Osomatsu and Ichimatsu, myself. And I believe that this anime makes a lot of people not feel so alone. The brotherly bickering in this is really real and so is the brotherly love, it’s really moving.    

Even in the first half of episode 5, when Karamatsu’s brothers didn’t show up to save him, that was so freaking sad, I was like “lol, OMG ohhh noooo…..mybaby, omg that’s so sad, nooo!!!!” and I kind of choked up. And then all the way through the second half of the episode, just Ichimatsu being lonely and his only friend being a cat–but his brothers coming for him and being, literally, his BROS, that made me so happy. It was so moving to see a character so much like myself and saying my own feelings and being so loved with the same emotions I have.      

I don’t why, but there’s just something so uplifting about a character that’s so much like yourself finding happiness. I think it’s because it gives me hope for myself when I’m sad as well.    

Osomatsu-san LITERALLY came out on the same day as One Punch Man. And I don’t think anyone was really asking for a reboot of this once black and white skit comedy from the mid 60s, nobody saw it coming but it definitely stole my heart on episode 1. And I swear, not even over exaggerating–I’ve never seen a better reboot in my entire goddamn life. I, the chick that has read over 700 completed mangas with ratings and small reviews on at least 250 of them–I, who has watched over 80 anime series dubbed and subbed–I, who despite being a 90s kid, who loves a lot of old as fuck anime and old as fuck black and white shows–I’ve never seen a better reboot before. It took it’s original source from the black and white era and gave it the most pumped up, emotional, colorful, with some of the most fluid chibi yet realistic animation of the new age that I’ve ever seen. It fucking made the jokes for this generation, made the characters even more colorful then the 80s, it made everything down to earth and yet OUT OF THIS WORLD all at the same time!!

It’s done everything right in my eyes and it hasn’t tossed anything that the older gen had in the trash unlike so many other reboots, but instead it enhanced it, amplified it and made it better while keeping nostalgic traits  and quirks that people who might have liked the old anime would also enjoy.

Most reboots are made to cash in on nostalgia or cash in on merch,  but this reboot was made to honor the creator and it was made to honor its source and nostalgia. I’m sure it’ll get a lot of money too, but that’s because it’s FUCKING GOOD. I just really fucking respect the shit out of people that respect what they’re doing.      

It’s a fucking breath of fresh air. I’m in fucking love with it.

(Also the scene in the photoset made me feel feelings that were otherwise extinct until I watched it and that’s why I just had to write at least one long passionate post about it and how this particular episode made me feel. Sorry for the long post–Osomatsu-san and Tokyo Ghoul just get me really jazzed the fuck up. )

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I regret not starting KonoSuba earlier. So far, we have:

A healing goddess who doesn’t heal and only knows party tricks

A loli mage obsessed with explosion magic who can only use one spell before passing out

A hardcore masochist knight, who can’t wield a sword but gets erotic when hit or insulted

 And a guy with no discernible talents, except stealing panties 

Star Signs as Types of Emo

Aries - The phan trash

Phan is real!!1!!11!!

Don’t forget Phil! 

Phan trash #1

Taurus - The Scene Kid :

Botdf is life 

rawr XD 

10% human, 50% hair dye, 20% vampire, 20% mermaid XD

Gemini - The top fan


Ew 5sos isn’t even punk 

omg halsey is soooo hot 

Arctic monkeys! 

probably gay

Cancer - The ‘punk’ : 

5sos is life omg 

Red flannels 

what’s nirvana? 

Leo - The grunge kid

Rip Kurt Cobain 

Joy division is my fav 

doc martens are essential 

Virgo - The scremo lover

Bmth is life

rip Mitch Luker 

Slipknot isn’t even that intense 

Libra - The EMO emo :

Emo trinity 

Panic! at the disco is still emo 

Skinny jeans and band shirts 

*cries cause mcr* 

Scorpio - The actual Punk

Green day is the reason punk exists 

The clash needs more recognition 

It’s one eighty two, not one hundred and eighty two 

Sagittarius - The fake fan 

I love Gerard Way from Fall out boy 

panic at the disco 

who’s Andy Hurley? 

Capricorn - The anime nerd : 

Death note XD 

Senpai ^_^ 

*is rlly good at drawing* 

Aquarius - The new emo 


*only knows american psycho / american beauty*

*only owns one band shirt which is a nirvana one probably from k mart* 

Pisces - The overprotective emo

Person : “I love Fall Out Boy”

“NaMe alL tHe MemBErs AnD thEIr BirTHdayS! dO yOU eVeN reMeMBEr THe HIatuS”

Knows everything about the emo trinity 

dyes hair alot 

loves black