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I am Spanish too, I want to be a singer too, I like to do memes too, I watch One Piece all the time too, I am perfect and beautiful and gorgeou- wait oh no, just Taiga.

I want to be a singer but I can’t because my voice is ugly af, I do memes like everybody else, I watch anime because I have no friends to hang out with. I won’t say I am ugly but I am not gorgeous either. I am not perfect, I have so many defects.

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I should've known Dreamworks would do lance dirty from the first episode. Look at his eyes. Notice how everybody else has expressive big eyes you can see the colors of clearly? Even pidge, who wears glasses! But lance has dots. I can barely tell they're blue, mostly from close up screen caps. Back when I used to avidly watch anime I would make jokes about background characters having dots for eyes bc animators got lazy,like small eyes were a sign for "this character is Not Important." Im so mad

well to be fair i think they were just trying to keep a little bit of the style from go lion. if you look at pictures of lance compared the other characters his irises are the smallest. even the shape of his eyes between go lion and vld are somewhat similar. look at his eyebrows even.

compared to keith, whose irises are much bigger

vld does at least make it a point to make his eyes blue. like it’s hard to see sometimes but it is there.

that’s not to say that dreamworks doesn’t think lowly of lance i think they do, but his eyes being small is just them… incorporating a small portion of the familiar style we see in go lion.

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shiro watching the helicopter tits anime gif: you think i could do that with my tits? i mean they’re pretty big but i think i could pull it off

I had enough with SOME of the SS fans who ALWAYS COMPLAINS about SP.

I am not an active user and this is my first time posting. I’m a sasusaku fan and will always be, i always scroll the tag almost everyday for many times. The reason im tired of being a part of  the fandom, they are lots of HATERS or anti’s in the naruto world and im not used to this kind of thing and culture. please take time to read 

Now to the straight to the point. SOME SASUSAKU shippers keep on complaining about SP and how they treat SASUSAKU. TRUE i wont deny that, because they were lots of moments that it happened. HAVEN’T U HAD ENOUGH! We are CANON, WE HAVE THE UCHIHA FAMILY, WE HAVE SARADA!! What else? You want a KISS/TRAVEL SCENE OF SS RIGHT? HELLO??!! we are watching a non-romance anime, duhh!! if u want, watch all those SHOUJO AND ROMANCE anime. If you dont like the way how SP handles SS or the whole boruto anime THEN DONT WATCH IT!! WHY WATCH IT!! Because u want to see some SS/uchiha fam, but you keep on complaining!! Dont forget ever since Sasuke accepted that STUPID MISSION and he was away for almost a decade, in my opinion ruined the uchiha fam, because they deserve HAPPINESS after of what they have been through, but KISHI the king of DRAMA wanted it to happen. BUT if you lack some reading comprehension your stupid enough not to understand the story of the message (THE LOVE AND CONNECTION OF THE FAMILY EVEN IF THEY ARE AWAY) it was more than enough for me to see SS and Uchiha family kickin ass and showing how strong their BONDS are. 

you guys just dont know when to be CONTENTED! but your not because u want romance between SS, again just a reminder this is not ROMANCE so its already expected. we are lucky enough we got some fanservice (especially the ending song) unlike other couples from the naruto, except naruhina. but then again, you will complain “Sasuke and Sakura are one of the MC” again, wake upppp!! that was before not now, because the new generation are the focus of the story, some of the complaints that also gets on my nerves are, “what about naruhina, why do they have lots lovey-dovey moments while SP treats SS like a SHIT, sakura boobs are so flat while they are making hinata bigger and bigger, sakura’s animation sucks she looks like a kid, naruto/boruto animation sucks, etc etc etc. 

SP has faults okay, ACCEPT THAT?? i also dont like their bias attitude but we dont know. I also complain about SP especially the WAR ARC  like shit, the animation sucks. unlike THE OTHERS WHO ALWAYS KEEPS ON COMPLAINING. but i admit, their animation really improved maybe different types of producers are doing it. if you are not contented with the animation, why dont u do it yourself, we never know it might be the most amazing and beautiful animation recorded in history, it might be featured in the Guiness or you might get an award. You dont know and neither myself knows how hard it is to animate.

Now if you are mad about my opinion, I DONT CARE, flood my inbox all u want I DONT CARE, i expect some of you will call me “just die bitch, fuck u” I DONTTT CAAARREEEE. This is what is expect from the western culture, and yeah I’m not an american, I’m an asian who lives in the Philipppines, Go on flood me all you want my inbox is ready and i dont care!!

I love the sasusaku fandom i really do, unlike those who always complaints complaints, just doesn’t know when to be contented. You understand the meaning of SS relationship and the uchiha fam (patience, understanding, unconditional love) dont put yourselves in the shoes of those anti-naruto ending, anti-ss and haters(but they are some people who really lacks what we call LOGIC and you guys dont have that who does nothing but spread the hate) they also deserve respect because its their opinion and i respect each people here in the fandom. Respect is what the NARUTO fandom needs. But please learn to be contented.

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I'm lonely and just wanna be cuddled by a big strong girl and watch anime together. Also uh, you're a butt?

That’s literally 99% of my thought process: wanting to be cuddled by a big girl and watching anime with the occasional going out to eat at nice and cheap places… that’s the dream

So yesterday I slept over my sisters rehab center. We were watching Howls Moving Castle and I was just so moved. I’ve seen the movie before years ago and never really paid attention to it. Like just sit down focus on nothing else. This movie got me all teary eyed. I guess when you’re older or idk what it is maybe just watching the movie again you realize certain things. Its always the small details. I’m about to be 30 on August 1 and I’ll be watching anime until im old granny. 

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Do you have other blogs?: None that are active
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Dream job: Writing
Dream trip: Going to Japan to climb Mt. Fuji and see a DGS event live
Fav food: French fries
Nationality: American

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have you seen yuri on ice yet? i'd love to see smth from the show in your style!! 💙

I have not yet! I hear it’s really good, so maybe I’ll pick it up! I have a lot of anime I need to watch. :”D The Academias (both the My Hero and Little Witch varieties) are high on my “to watch” list as well!