My very first anime fan art :D
I just have a chance to watch Boku no Hero Academia
And oh boi it’s so darn good loool

So I made these two fan art because why not loool

These two works will also available as print at Anime North, so hope see u guys thereee loool

“Voltron x 1900s Fashion” 

A horizontal 11x17″ print for Anime North (table G15)! This poster is a crossover; the Voltron paladins are posing for one of Leyendecker’s Arrow Collar advertisements. He’s one of my favourite artists so I felt the need to put him in haha. The original ad is known for its subtle hints of homoeroticism; at first it looks like Shiro is staring at Pidge, but his gaze is actually towards Keith (I don’t ship it, but I thought that was funny because Voltron is super gay). I made Shiro in the front as the guy everyone’s looking at because… I think everyone in the group loves him. I also made it colour-coordinated because I know it’s a bit hard to recognize them right away. And I changed the original ad text to a description of the 5 lions because I didn’t know what else. I spent SO long on this print (like 4 days kill me). This will probably go for $20. 

There are also funny WIPs of this on my Instagram  !!

Edit: because I’ve heard multiple people complain and get mad about this. Hunk is in the back there because this is a PARODY, so in the original piece, the man in the painting is in the EXACT same position he was in. It’s literally the same composition. It was just a coincidence that his face happened to be covered, it wasn’t intentional.