Products I’m selling: Part of my stash to sell @ Anime Next 2012… Magnets!!! Here are the many I’ve cut out today… [my hand is broken BTW.] There’s matching designs with Stickers, Prints/Posters [4x6, 8x11, 11x17] and Bookmarks! Hopefully any leftover I’ll try to sell online if there’s enough interest in them… Now to continue working on Trick Stars!!! It’s crunch time! /fist pump

Does anybody know any good photographers for a private shoot for Anime Next??

I’m really looking for one, and I’m willing to pay also, 

so if anyone knows a photographer who’s going and can schedule some shoots, please send them my way!!! 


Obligatory “COME SEE ME!” Post for Anime Next 2012’s Artist Alley!

I’m at table 42, and if I’m not drowning in my own insanity I’ll be selling stickers/magnets, bookmarks, and prints [4x6, 8x11, 11x17] from various video games and original stories! Oh… and this crazy thing
[I’ll be taking commissions too~]
My usual partner in crime, Dezy, will be next to me at 41. We’re both probably going to be chewing on the tables together… fweehehehee…
And I will be sharing my table with Bee of Bee-hive Studios

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Organization XIII Panel part 1 (by KiraAiProductions)

Video from Anime Next

I’m pretty sure Prussia is in this part or the next part please watch and comment!!