chuck huber reads the navy seals copypasta in the voice of aph austria


The kissing requests from our Free! panel at Anime Midwest!!! (ringisa, makoharu, and rinharu)

Rin: Spacemudkip
Makoto: Ctrid
Haruka: Devon-senpai
Nagisa: Zessei-ouji
Rei: Ryuzant
Kou: Edenfire57
Chigusa: Tachibanaharu


Pictures of my Dumplin cosplay. It has a few issues. For one, I forgot the “ass-cape” as Lani puts it. I finished it Thursday night and I thought I packed it with the other stuff. The I could have made the armor longer as it shows some of my shirt and a few pics my stomach.

The first two are me with member of TFS. After that I went to go find cosplayer to fight in fun Parallel quests. I was hoping to find some gender bent DBZ people or something weird. I saw a sailor Goku earlier that day, but I wasn’t dressed as Dumplin yet. I did do some fighting stuff with smash brothers stuff and Sailor Moon. Since I grew up watching both and seen crossover fan art a few time I thought the sailor moon stuff was funny.

It was great seeing TFS again. Especially kaiserneko.