Naruto Uzumaki Jonin AU cosplay⭐️
Holiday Matsuri 2016.
I love cosplaying Naruto because I like to be in character while cosplaying. So when I cosplay darker, brooding characters I’m always a little sad cause it’s not as fun for me. Naruto is loud, happy, enthusiastic, and incredibly confident (or he’s at least super good at pretending). Anyway, I love it cause I get to be super confident and outgoing as this character (i kinda wish I was like this all the time tbh). I have so much fun with it. And I love it cause I’m usually a super awkward bean and I always have a lot to say but it gets jumbled when I speak. So when I’m Naruto I feel a lot more chill and maybe myself? Which is odd cause I’m acting…andddd that makes no sense haha xD
Hope you like the Naruto anyways lol🍥

So I made this Wooper cosplay for the Anime Matsuri 2017 and the I was like super nervous because I didn’t know what to expect cause I knew that all the cosplays there were super awesome and thought that maybe no one would notice me and I was so wrong :D A lot of people took pictures of my cosplay and told me how awesome or cute the thought it was and I was so so so happy ; n; Really if you went to AM2017 and took a minute to take a picture with me or just said hi or something let me tell you that I really appreciated it :)

3 hours later, another edit.

The colors aren’t the same tho!!! When I upload it anywhere it becomes… warmer/yellowish and there’s no way I can’t fix it! I’m gonna cry. Tried doing the Nier effects in the game lmao.

But anyways, here’s another edit of Zero Xpertise Photography photos!!! I actually like this one a lot. (◡‿◡✿)
Very proud.

Anyways, more A2 from NieR:Automata! 👾🤖


hey awesome followers! I know I’ve been gone for a loooong time. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around - it’s been hectic and crazy for me!

So what’s new?
- I’m transitioning to becoming a full time model!
- I have tons of ongoing projects, including cosplays
- I moved
- I got a cat who’s besties with my puppy
- I started a Patreon (
- and finally I decided to get back to Tumblr!

I can’t wait to get pictures from the con :’) second cosplay I made by myself.

Photo by Decavolty (Facebook and Instagram)