shinjukus-blue-eyed-beauty asked:

Say six random facts about yourself and pass it on to ten of your favourite followers!

OK! Here are some more neat facts! 

  1. Despite the fact that I was dancing, Shizuo’s first impression of me was that I looked strangely sad and gloomy. 
  2. My grandfather likes to boast that I look just like Ruri Hijiribe! 
  3. Originally, my uniform colors were dark blue, or grey. My eye color was originally grey. But the anime design changed my color palette to reds, browns, and purples.
  4. My name, Akane, means deep scarlet. 
  5. Akabayashi has looked out for me and played with me since I was a little baby. I trust him more than my father.
  6. My father makes more than 1 billion yen per month!

Kaworu Nagisa is the father of all white haired/red eyed anime characters because they’re all angels

like in heaven

like, dead