Jean asks for a date and gets a fist instead.

While JeanMarco is my OTP, when I met this adorable Mikasa cosplayer at AX, I just had to ask her to pose with me for this :) You gotta love awkward Jean failing at picking up chicks ;)

Jean: myself (fangirlregretsnothing)

Mikasa: jillkun


Where Armin can only do so much to prevent the inevitable and Hanji’s troll face is creepy as fuck

Jean: myself (fangirlregretsnothing)

Armin: jessalynny

Hanji: xpezdispenserx

and if you are the Eren cosplayer, send me an ask I’ll tag you :)


Attack on In-N-Out

So after AX today, we went to In-N-Out to get dinner, one fairly far from the convention center. A bunch of people asked for pictures while we were hanging around. And then we decided to take a bunch or pictures while eating. We’re such spazes.

Fat ass Hanji: me
Distressed Armin: jessalynny
Massively hungry Jean: fangirlregretsnothing


Anime Expo 2015 | Cosplay Video 

Anime Expo 2015 cosplay recap montage; AX was amazing this year and the cosplayers were great! Filmed and edited by me, Jesse Pulido.


Anime Expo 2014 days 2-3 :D

Flower crown Levi: Me

Flower crown Sasha: opppositesattract

Flower crown Connie: captainp13

Hanji: xpezdispenserx

Jean: fangirlregretsnothing

Armin: jessalynny

Petra: mommys-lil-monster

Erwin: clothobuerocracy (3rd picture from the top)

If you’re also in here and I didn’t tag you please let me know so I can get your info in here and give you credit! Thanks for being your beautiful selves guys =u= <3