Meeting Anjali (Symmetra’s voice actress) as Oasis Symmetra. I was planning to try to give her the Sombra & Symmetra bracelets I gifted her here at the AX Overwatch panel, but got lucky enough to run into her before it. Still so happy she was so excited to see me in the cosplay I worked so hard on!  ❤


Anime Expo Day 1!

Today I met Kubo and Yamamoto at Anime Expo! (I cosplayed as a Pork Cutlet Bowl!)

After the raffle this morning and my ticket wasn’t called, I decided to stop by the signing so hopefully I could at least see them! Eventually they let anyone with a raffle ticket (given out by Crunchyroll earlier) in line! I was told there was no way I would get to meet them because the line was so long but they were amazing and got through us all in about 3 hours! (The signing was originally scheduled for just 1 hour).) All I wanted was for Kubo to see my cosplay and she said she loved it!!! The staff asked me a few questions about it and liked how original it was. Yamamoto even took a picture of me!!! You guys, we are so lucky we have such amazing people who created this show! They were so wonderful!!!