au where viktor is seijou’s famous setter (( “i’ve heard college teams were scouting him even in middle school” “one time he beat my team… it was awesome” )) and yuuri hardcore admires him and maybe a bit more ~ yuuri messes up really bad and wants to quit - queue viktor, uninspired by the sport until he sees one (1) katuski yuuri warming up, transferring to karasuno to set for their adorable ace 


Naruto Hip-Hop Crossover [Group 2]

Godaime Hokage, Lady Minaj x Cudi Sarutobi x X Inuzuka x Snoopato of the Wood Release x Young Thugimaru x Eve Haruno x Bust“A” Raikage Rhymes x Godaime Mizukage, Missy Terumī Elliott x 6 Paths of the 6 God x DOOM Uchiha x Chance the Ninja x Cham of the Red Sand x Kinkaku Boi x Ginkaku 3000

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Group 1: HERE

Artist: dotnova