Here it is, Raven from Gravity Rush 2 as a myrmidon from Fire Emblem Awakening, and she is without a shadow of a doubt, way harder to draw than Kat, her hair, despite being amazing, is a pain to draw. I’ll draw her as a dark mage or sorcerer next, but I might use the Fates design I’m not sure, leave a comment if you have a preference.


au where viktor is seijou’s famous setter (( “i’ve heard college teams were scouting him even in middle school” “one time he beat my team… it was awesome” )) and yuuri hardcore admires him and maybe a bit more ~ yuuri messes up really bad and wants to quit - queue viktor, uninspired by the sport until he sees one (1) katuski yuuri warming up, transferring to karasuno to set for their adorable ace  {twitterig}


『 Mystic Messenger x Ouran High School Host Club 』

feel free to repost, with credit! (*^o^*)

So @godd707 made that request to draw Seven in Wrenchs outfit and I just could not resist. A hacker dressing up as another hacker how cool is that


「 Don’t start thinking he cares about you just because he’s doting you. 」

mystic messenger x ouran high school host club
feel free to repost, with credit! ^^