shirrill  asked:

That is some hentai, I think I have a link sonewhere I can give it to you pfff

so my boyfriend did some reconnaissance and he actually found it

it’s called “Darling” (very imaginatively I’d like to add), and it indeed is a hentai anime… about an eromanga artist… who’s banging his assistant. Dunno if it’s a manga adaptation, but if it is, drawing that must’ve been one of the most awkward jobs one could possibly have as a mangaka’s assistant. It’s basically the most wish-fulfillment-y thing I have seen in my LIFE.

I’m watching the first episode now, and…

this is some classic anime stuff, man

never mind that she was a virgin and on her wedding night she came from like three half-assed thrusts, I’m more or less used to that, but wow, her hair is like an early 2000′s scene kid’s and there are scenes where I’m a little scared her eyes might drift off her face

(update, he just said that porn is the spirit of man

oh boy)

Haruka & Michiru tell it like it is, with attitude.
Because regardless if you don’t agree with who someone loves, you shouldn’t tell them how to live their life <3

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