Day 13 Anime Character you are most similar to…
Yukio Okumura

Yukio and I are both kind nerdy, he’s at the top of his class and i strive to be the same. He’s a bit of a know-it-all and I can kinda be too. He specializes in medicine and guns, and although i know nothing about guns, I plan to go in the field of medicine.

He also has a unique bond with his brother, who means the world to him. He loves his brother so much and would do anything for him. I feel the same about my sister, and I like to think that I would go to any lengths to protect her just like Yukio did for Rin

Also we both wear glasses :) 

30 day anime challenge

• day 01: very first anime you watched
• day 02: favorite anime you’ve watched so far
• day 03: favorite male character ever
• day 04: favorite female character ever
• day 05: anime you’re ashamed you’ve enjoyed
• day 06: anime you want to see but haven’t yet
• day 07: you’re anime crush
• day 08: favorite anime couple
• day 09: best anime villain
• day 10: favorite fighter anime
• day 11: favorite mech anime
• day 12: saddest anime scene
• day 13: anime character you are most similar to
• day 14: anime that never gets old no matter how many times you’ve rewatched it
• day 15: favorite animal sidekick, pet or summoning from any anime
• day 16: anime with the best animation
• day 17: favorite supporting male character
• day 18: favotite supporting female character
• day 19: most epic scene ever
• day 20: anime character that gets on your nerves
• day 21: favorite goofy character
• day 22: favorite weapon, gear or armor used in an anime
• day 23: favorite attack someone used in an anime
• day 24: moment that shocked you the most in an anime
• day 25: saddest anime death
• day 26: best anime fight
• day 27: most badass scene from any anime character
• day 28: favorite quote from any anime character
• day 29: an anime you wished was real
• day 30: an anime you wished never ended and continued on

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1. Very fist anime you watched?

2. Your favorite anime so far?

3. Favorite male character ever?

4. Favorite female character ever?

5. Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed?

6. Favorite anime couple?

7. Your anime crush?

8. Anime you want to see but you haven’t?

9. Best anime villain?

10. Favorite fighter anime?

11. Favorite mech anime?

12. Saddest anime scene?

13. Anime character you think you are most similar to?

14. Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you rewatched it?

15. Favorite animal sidekick, pet or summoning?

16. Anime with best animation?

17. Favorite supporting male character?

18. Favorite supporting female character?

19. Most epic scene ever?

20. Anime character that gets on your nerves?

21. Favorite goofy anime character?

22. Favorite weapon?

23. Favorite attack someone used in an anime?

24. Moment that shocked you the most in any anime?

25. Saddest anime death?

26. Best anime fight?

27. Most badass scene?

28. Favorite quote?

29. Anime that you wished was real?

30. Anime that you wish never ended and continued on?

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 13- Anime character you’re most similar to

I can’t think of a single one.

I am literally racking my brain

There isn’t a character that I’ve really connected to on a deep personal level


There aren’t any






I can’t think of an anime character that I am most similar to

Despite me cosplaying characters that are rather out going and high energy, it’s Mei Misaki I feel most similar to. She’s a very quiet, shy girl who only has one person she calls her friend (I guess two if you really think about). Another similarity is in the eye sight department… SPOILER! 

Just as she sees the “color of death” on people, I can see auras on people. Not the same, but similar in a sense. How the anime depicted her viewing of that is very close to how I see things :3


30 day anime challenge

Day 13- Anime character that you’re most similar to  

Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist 

  1. We both like to cook 
  2. I pin up my bangs the same way Rin does 
  3. We both have a love of manga 
  4. I believe my relationship with my sister is the same as his 
  5. I will become violent under conditions 
  6. … I tend to slack during class ( with the grades to prove it)
  7.  I will become violent if provoked 
  8. We have a similar personality 
  9. I fail a tying Ties 
  10. I prefer using a katanna as a weapon 

30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 13: Anime Character you are most similar to

Kind of a tough choice. There are so many anime characters. So few are like myself as they’re all awesome in some way that I’m not.

I ended up going with Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club.

I can be pretty egotistical even if I don’t appear it at first. However, I do enjoy helping people and sometimes do it without there being anything in it for me.

I’m also fairly smart if I don’t say so myself. I am also highly analytical. I also kind of look like Kyoya minus the glasses and anime features. 

However, I’m not exactly the best when it comes to wooing ladies.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 13 - Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

I tried. I even googled ‘what anime character you are most similar to quiz’ like an idiot and got Sasuke (HELL NO), Hei and then C.C. (Um…what, are they trying to tell me something).

I can’t find any ONE character so I’ll break this down into several.

To people whom I’ve just met:

Kaoru Yagi (Sket Dance). I’m a walking cosplay of her currently but taller. Yep, that’s my stoic poker face alright.

When you get to know me:

Kyon (Haruhi Suzumiya) and Mai Taniyama (Ghost Hunt). Say hello to Mr Snark and Miss NormalandNice.

To my friends & family:

Kyoko Mogami (Skip Beat) and Kida Masaomi (Durarara). I think the images speak for themselves.

Inside my mind:

Misogi Kumagawa (Medaka Box), Izaya Orihara (Durarara), Shougo Makishima (Psycho Pass), Crona (Soul Eater) and Watashi (Humanity Has Declined).

So…I’m basically an aloof, snarky nice person who is actually emotionally wild and weirdo insane with one homicidal psychopath, two twisted sociopaths, one emo kid and one smartass cynic living in my head.

Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. And pretty accurate if I say so.


Day 5 - Anime character you are most similar to 

Aisaka, Taiga & Kousaka, Kirino

External image

I honestly was trying really hard to pick one of the two and decided to cheat and just pick two. Taiga I feel like I can relate to because shes small, sassy, but also has a really sweet funny side. I’m not AS harsh and abusive as Taiga though… at least I don’t think I am lol. Kirino I can relate to because she has her ultra otaku side and then she also has her stylish girly side. I’m not super into the whole “little sister” fetish like her, nor am I as Tsun as her, but as a whole I’d say I can relate to her.

Day 13: Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

Oh gosh here we go again.

It’s basically the same people I love. So lemme just give short responses.

1. Naraku (InuYasha)

Naraku and I are similar because he had fallen in love with Kikyo, but doesn’t want to admit it and blames it on his human heart Onigumo. But, he realized he couldn’t have her because she fell for InuYasha, and he did everything in his power to kill both of them because he couldn’t have her. I fell for someone as well but I couldn’t have them, so I was depressed for a long while. (Don’t worry I have someone and she means the whole world to me~ @imgraceandineedtoshutup)

2. Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

Jellal was one of the villains-turned-heroes. He had made some drastic moves when he was the villain, and that included killing one of his life-long friends Simon. He disappeared and later on came back with no memory of what he’s done. Erza reminds him of what happened and he begins to feel extremely guilty, not remembering anything that he has done. However, years passed and he gained back his memories, regretting everything he has done and he never forgave himself. Even though Erza was in love with him still and he loved her back, he felt guilt for what he did and thought she didn’t deserve him, so he lied. I feel the same way. I made some mistakes in my life and I felt like I didn’t deserve any love because of that.

3. Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)

Originally posted by ohayocelestia

Yes I am COMPLETELY aware she’s a yandere but HEAR ME OUT. She fell in love with Yuki because he “promised” to marry her. She intended to keep her promise by killing any girl (or guy) that she felt got too close to Yuki. I can relate to her because I have been in a few relationships, but it ended with them breaking up with me because they “thought” I didn’t deserve them. Honest to god this pissed me off so much, so I intended to keep the person in my next relationship. I’m starting to be the most possessive person ever and I don’t intend on letting this person go. Ever.

4. Fai/Yuui D. Flourite (Tsubasa Chronicles)

Fai is the most cheerful and optimistic person we meet in the beginning of this show. And oh god have we fallen in love IMMEDIATELY because he’s so caring and sweet and nice and NOT TO MENTION ADORABLE. But, all of that changed when he had no choice but to become a vampire. His personality went from happy-go-lucky to cold and menacing. He rarely smiles anymore and takes things much more seriously. He is similar to me because I was a happy girl in my childhood years and honestly, they were the best years. But now, my personality changed. I became a little more secluded and talked less and less to others. It got to a point where I was scared of talking to others that I wouldn’t make much friends. It’s because of people that I changed.

Wow that took longer than expected. Okayyyyy-


「♡ 30 Days Anime Challenge!

Day 13: Anime character you are most similar to ~~ Otonashi Yuzuru & Ayato Naoi (from Angel Beats!)

(I’m a mix from this two, because I use to feel empty, like Otonashi, and I just want to keep everyone safe, and to keep everyone happy, and to not give up, and at the same time, Naoi its stressed out because he wants to be perfect to their father to be as ‘perfect’ as his brother, and he thinks his past life [The life I’m talking about] was a lie…etc etc)

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 13- Anime Character You Are Most Similar to

ha…ha…..Yeah I think mine would be Italy for many reasons……One cause I have been told by my friends (~sigh~ High School Days). Reason be is that I’m a very hyper and loud…and I mean LOUD. I’m always happy and dancing around everywhere (To the horror of my friends and mom) . As well as non stop talking and messing around!!!! And just like Italy I’m always in my own head and I don’t know this thing called Personal Space xD. Either way though my friends still love me!!!!!! I’m surprise they have not killed me yet!?   

OI !!!!! FUN FACT FUN FACT xO!!! :3 I actually Cosplay as Italy two months ago!!!…..well Fem Italy anyway…..xD! Which also lead me to the conclusion of Cosplaying America!! Sometime soon hopefully!!

Day 13 - Hinamori Amu

While I’m not into fashion as much as Amu is throughout the anime, I’m basically just like her. If I’m uncomfortable about a situation, I will try to dismiss it right away; if somebody has feelings about me, I am completely oblivious towards them; if someone compliments me, I assume that they’re lying. And just as hers did, my real self became more public when I had gotten into the right crowd slowly but gradually.

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 13: Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

Well I’m not really the type of person that can be applied to a single anime character as there’s not really one that is a perfect fit for me but if I HAD to choose one in particular I’d say:

Hinata Hyuuga

We’re both shy and quiet. She is willing to sacrifice her life for someone she cares about and so am I. Like her I sometimes doubt my own abilities.

And the trait we have the most in common on is that we both love Naruto XD

Oh and we both have an affinity for hoodies, there’s that too. :)