The signs as My Neighbor Totoro characters

Satsuki Kusakabe: Leo, Pisces

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Mei Kusakabe: Sagittarius, Taurus

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Tatsou Kusakabe: Virgo, Gemini

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Kanta Oogaki: Cancer, Scorpio

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Totoro: Libra, Aries

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Cat Bus: Capricorn, Aquarius

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Hey ya’ll. I’m auditioning voice actors for my third year film! If any of you are LA-based / live near CalArts, you’re welcome to audition for any of the roles. At some point, the chosen ones will need to meet up with me in person so we can hit the recording studio > u o)b 

(Note: This is a free opportunity / unpaid)

Please contact me at if you are interested. Thank you!! 

This beautiful lady is called Clara Liadon, a fearsome half elf/ half celestial being. 

“Clara’s mother and father were taken by demons under the influence of her father’s commanding officers. She’s a chaotic neutral wizard who has a tendency to be a bit short tempered.”

Dnd character commissioned by: Oni. 

(The staff and parts of the outfit are inspired by an existing character illustration. I’ll ask where the picture originates from…)

A small analysis on Ryota Mitarai's actions in Future Episode 12

Contains spoilers for all of DR3.

I love imperfect/flawed but redeemable characters. :>

I feel that Ryota Mitarai is flawed in which he has a selfish aspect to his character. He wants to make his anime to save people, but how is locking yourself away from the rest of the world helping others? His intentions are not bad; rather, it is his approach that could be changed (and that is what the hope episode gave us ^o^).

I also believe that his ‘sudden actions’ in Future Episode 12 made sense.

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