“Katy’s Birthday” is mostly based on real stuff that happened at parties I went to in Toronto. I wanted to recreate the feeling of trudging through a snowy winter night to arrive at a crowded, chaotic house party. So obviously I used dark cold colors against bright warm ones. The contrast between the loneliness of the empty snowy street and the warmth of the party bookends many fond memories. The episode is mainly just silliness but lately I’ve been trying to get some atmosphere in too, in the backgrounds and using some lighting effects here and there. One of the places we had our big parties was on Arlington Ave so I got some photos when I was there in the winter.

Check out the episode here:

Yeahhh, I just found out that my aid probably won’t get back to me in time for my visa payment, so I’m basically abso-fcking-lutely broke and have no way to afford it unless I get commissioned.

I think my teacher said our visas cost $100 (but I’ll get more info on that tonight). If I could get at least 10 commissions I could afford most of it. Please boost my commissions post. I also have a Buy Me Coffee account (linked on my art links page I believe) if you can’t afford a full commission. This is important to me, please…