Please Watch Cowboy Bebop

Quite some time ago, I was unsure of what to write about, and so I decided to write a recommendation instead. Finding myself at a loss once again, I decided to repeat that experiment. This time, I’m recommending a show that many hail as a classic: Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop boldly described itself as “the work which becomes a new genre itself,” and it lives up to that claim. If you enjoyed Firefly (or, at least, its setting), then Bebop will seem quite familiar. The colonies have the same dusty, Wild-West feel to them, perfectly complemented by composer Yoko Kanno’s soulful blues-y score. As far as closure goes, though, Bebop has the advantage. Its 26 episodes and one feature-length movie close off the plot nicely, while leaving room for speculation.

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This has been on my mind for awhile and friends say I should do it.

Could you reblog/like if you would be interested in interacting with a transboy character if I made the blog? Here’s some info/fun facts if you wanna know him more.

  • French Canadian with some Native American in him
  • loves animals & has a pet chinchilla named Nico
  • also a vegetarian
  • a complete klutz with computers & around his crushes
  • blushes easily & studders a bit
  • plays some guitar & sings when he’s alone
  • but kind of awkward around people
New RPers List!

We have decided to open a new masterlist, one that will allow whoever seeks to write in a specific language, be it to learn or use their native one, to find a fitting partner.
There will be a list for each language, and, naturally, it’s possible to be part of multiple ones.

Being added is simple, just reblog this post and add the following information in the tags :

  •  The languages you can write, indicating your main.
  •  The fandom(s) your Blogs covers. ( ‘Fandomless’ is a valid entry.)
  •   If your blog is NSFW and/or presents any specific trigger.
  •   Any other optional info you think might be relevant.
my fandoms and ships

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