Fangirl Problem #15

That waiting period after an anime or series has finished and you don’t know what to do with yourself. 

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If you should delve into the fanfiction world to live in that universe just a little bit longer. (It helps if you want some smut and fluff filled reads…)

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If you should find another fandom to visit for the time being.

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Or even if you should revisit another past fling of a fandom to rediscover that love. (Step aside, veteran fangirl coming through)

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Sometimes fandom breakups breaks are hard to get over. But when is the right time to get into another fandom? 

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New video’s up, this is gonna be the first big RWBY-related video to go up on the new channel so I hope you all enjoy!

As a brief disclaimer, if you aren’t interested in seeing criticism of RWBY, as I know a lot of fans simply want to enjoy the show without taking things too seriously, then this is not the video for you. I encourage you to still subscribe or remain subscribed though, as there are lots of positive RWBY videos and theories on the way in the near future!

Also, since this will hopefully garner a lot more attention than the first video I uploaded to the new channel, I encourage you to subscribe to the new channel!

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2. I need at least 2 reference for commissions.

3. I don’t offer refunds , so please consider this before asking for a commission.

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Can I stream this? : yes/no