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Appreciation post ~ dark skin anime boys


they are

really hot



Part 2 - anime girls

Anime Matsuri Day 1

So back from day 1 of Anime Matsuri at the ripe time of 4:15 am. First day was a bit slow to start and I just kind of puttered around the dealer room and picked up a Darjeeling and Hanekawa Black figure, along with a sweet Rei shirt (and immediately got a picture with an asuka cosplayer). Afterwards there was a Space Patrol Luluco panel done by Studio Trigger which was quite awesome. One of the things that was really interesting was that they said they are passionate about going to western conventions and interacting globally because ~95% of the funding for the first LWA came from the western audience. So they are super grateful for what that has let them do. They had the character designer there for Luluco and she talked a lot about that process too which was really neat.

After that it was lunch and then the maid cafe. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it, but it was really good. They had gotten a cafe from Akihabara to come over and basically run the thing. Apparently the @home-cafe operates 5 cafes in Akihabara and employs 200 maids or so. It’s like the maid legion, there to take your order. But they were adorable, took a picture with us, called us gochujin-sama, and then did a mini idol sort of event at the end. 10/10 would die of overwhelming cuteness again.

They closed the dealer room at 7pm for some reason which seems just way too early. So I didn’t actually get to spend my entire budget in one day. Which is probably good, but that’s how it has gone in the past. Seems like they’d want to have that open for a few more hours, but whatever. There are two more days to get some sweet merch (of which there was a loooooot). Went back to my the place that my friends were staying at after that closed and watched the GuP movie and then waited around for the nerdlesque show, which as you might guess is a burlesque show, but with pop culture stuff. It was an experience for sure. As far as being erotic it was alright I guess. I mean the dancers ended up wearing basically nothing and shaking everything, but idk. The host was really funny though which definitely helped. I think had it not been like 3 in the morning and an hour later than when it was supposed to start I might have been more enthused. But, then the last two acts were fucking perfect. For the 5th one they had a guy come out and we were like eeeeehhhhhhh, that’s not what I’m really here for. But then it was stupid sexy voldemort and was actually just the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. I did not think I would be laughing so hard at voldemort in a sparkly thong, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. The last act was fantastic. They brought out a giant dorrito banner thing and we were all like oh man it’s going to be a one. Which of course it was. But what made it hilarious was that after dancing for a bit she got a bag of dorritos and instead of sensually eating a chip she just smashed them into her face a la gremlin style. This was of course followed up by her pouring mountain dew on herself all the whole time choreographed to bubble pop. 10/10 would let ridiculously attractive cosplayer pour mountain dew on me. What made her act so good was that she really got into the spirit of gremlin and played that up all while somehow also stripping. It was fun lol.

So highlights of the day:

  • got some sweet merch
  • Had a maid from japan call me gochujin-sama
  • Said maid say my shirt and went “ohh ayaname-san!” That was cool
  • Somehow managed to find a Rei cosplayer to take a picture with while wearing a Rei shirt. She looked pretty done with pictures but when she saw the shirt she perked up and had a good laugh.
  • Got to watch embrace her true gremlin nature

I’d post pictures of the merch but i’m about to fall asleep, so I’ll do that tomorrow. First day of the con was a blast, but i’m already exhausted lol. Hopefully I’ll last the whole weekend.


OH look, another Idiot couple.

This is for kaikazecchi, because I accidently fucked up and created an awkward situation so I asked them if I could apologise with art so yeah here we go. They wanted Haikise being dorks before going to bed with additional spatulating but because I have no idea how to spatulate someone out of bed I drew this. Hope this is ok? 

ALSO I changed Haizakis Hairstyle because let’s face it, Kise would make sure his Boyfriend would have a decent haircut ???? If u don’t like it I can change it anytime tho Kaikazecchi 

kouga has beautiful legs

just look at it

it’s even sparkling

but not only the legs

he has a wolf charm no one will ever have

and when he fights

also his power to not give up on the girl he likes

and protect her

because he loves her

even knowing she doesn’t feel the same way…

having a rival 

and fighting all alone

but not alone at all

my tribute for kouga

hope you all like it!

ps.:it was ony to be about kouga’s legs….but I got inspired lol

I remeber learning the meaning of the word ‘jerk’ somewhere in sixth grade. I used to use it to insult people and felt like such a badass.

Now I call people ‘minions’ and I feel like satan himself


“I too am sometimes in so much pain I don’t know what to do. No matter what I do, it feels like something’s going to burst in my chest. It’s not just you, not just me. I’m sure it happens to everyone. That’s why, you’ll be fine.” ーThe Boy and the Beast / bakemono no ko <バケモノの子>, 2015


Someone requested I draw Leopard from Yoru no Yaterman today during my stream and here she is. 

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