anime volcano

Oddly Specific Questions

🌊 (ocean): What would you be like if the new writers of spongebob watered down your personality, hobbies, and character traits to a single note

⭐️ (star): If you were a part of constellation, which one would you be on?

🌈 (rainbow): If you were a gay stereotype, would you be the 1960’s gay (even old gay who tricks kids into doing drugs) the 1990’s gay (silly gay who is very clumsy and speaks with a lips) or the 2010’s gay (smart but sassy gay who is very fashionable)

🌋 (volcano): Which anime fandom makes you the most frustrated?

☔️ (rain): If it flooded all week and you were stuck inside your house but could only watch one movie over and over again, which movie would it be?

⛄️(snowman): Have you ever had an awkward situation involving the frozen fandom?

🌼(sunflower): Have you ever had an awkward situation involving the Undertale fandom?

🌹(Rose): Have you ever had an awkward situation involving the Steven Universe fandom?

💀(skull): Have you ever been through an emo/scene/goth phase during middle school? If so, please tell some embarrassing stories!

🔥(fire): What’s your relationship with fire? Do you think of scary burning things or nice warm soft things? Fun times or a bad time?

💍(ring): Let’s say you can only choose between two ways of responding to being proposed to a man you don’t know. You can either take the ring, say “no thanks hon”, and walk off OR you can pretend that you don’t speak the same language as him and walk off pretending to be more confused than you really are. Which one?

💛 (yellow heart): Does yellow remind you more of lemons or banana?

💚 (green heart): Does green remind you more of apples, kiwis, or limes?

🍜(noodles): What brand of ramen noodle cups has the best spicy flavour?

🍷(wine): How do you feel about red? Do you feel about warm and happy or hot and angry? What object do you instantly think of when you think of red?