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If a sport anime does not have a character that has a tragic past in their life that result to them having an injury that ends their career early, It’s not an sports anime.

Ever since i started watching sports anime

I adopted like 200 sons? Like, each time a new character comes in, I say, “Hello, son.”

What if

The swimming club from Free!
The basket club from Kuroko no Basket
The volley ball from Haikyuu
The SKET DANCE from Sket dance
The baseball club from Ace no Diamond
The soccer club from Inazuma eleven
The American football club from Eyeshield 21 
The tenis club from The Prince of tenis
The Kurata club form Chihayafuru

- Were all clubs in the same school.

person: stop trying to make sports anime and manga gay!!!1!


ah yes

how silly of me

how could I ever think it was gay

when it is so obviously not haha

clearly not gay  

not even a little bit




The signs as sports anime

Aries: The Prince of Tennis

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Taurus: One Outs

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Gemini: Initial D

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Cancer: Free

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Leo: Baby Steps

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Virgo: Air Gear

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Libra: Ace of Diamond

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Scorpio: Prince of Stride

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Sagittarius: Kuroko no Basket

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Capricorn: Yuri!!! on Ice

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Aquarius: Yowamushi Pedal

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Pisces: Haikyuu

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Animes in a nutshell.
  • One Piece: PIRATE KING! FOOD!
  • Bleach: BANKAI!
  • Fairy Tail: Natsu destroyed another city!
  • Kyoukai no Kanata: Fuyukai desu.
  • Diamond no Ace: Miyuki-senpai, please catch my balls!
  • Kuroko no Basket: Bunch of gay rainbows.
  • Free!: Make us free na splash kasaneta, hikari no contrast abite🎵
  • Prince of Tennis: Mada mada dane.
  • Eyeshield 21: Ya-haa!! Kill 'em!
  • Dragon Ball Z: KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAA!!
  • Junjou romantica: I'm not gay, it's just a hardcore bromance.
  • D Gray-Man: A bunch of beansprouts.
  • Yuri on Ice: Davai! Vksuno!
  • Owari no Seraph: Kill all the vampires!
  • Shingeki no Kyojin: Kill all the titans! Oh wait, I'm one.
  • Boku no hero academia: I'm gonna be the number one hero!... or get killed by Kacchan.
  • Bungou Stray Dogs: DAZAIIIII!!!!
  • Haikyuu: MO IPPON! BOKE!
  • Osomatsu-san: Multiply the idiocy by 6 cause why not?
  • Saiki kusuo no psi nan: I'm honestly tired of your bullshit. Jello coffee is what makes me live.
  • Gintama: An anime concept? Naaaah, we'II copy that on the others.
  • Full metal alchemist: DON'T CALL ME SMALL!!!
  • Deadman wonderland: Wicked, wicked wonderland, it's like crossing the Rio Grande...🎵
  • Mirai Nikki: Yukkiyukkiyukkiyukkiyukki...
  • Prince of Stride: Stop! Catch phrase's thief!
  • Death note: What's your name?
  • Lucky Star: no motivation! I wanna watch anime! Play games!
  • Durarara: IzayAAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Servamp: Don't spill potato chips Kuro!
  • Inazuma eleven: Galactic football! (Wait, isn't it an other anime's name?)
  • Soul eater: SYMMETRY!
  • Yugioh: It's time to duel!
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Kiss kiss broke the vase!
Sports anime and Me in a nutshell

Prince of Tennis
Me: “I want to be a tennis player!”
Me: “mada mada dane”

Kuroko no basket
Me: “I want to be a basketball player!”

Free Iwatobi swim club
Me: “I want to be a professional swimmer!”

Me: “I want to be a volleyball player!”

Yuri on ice
Someone: “so let me guess….. You want to be a figure skater now?”
Me: “No……”
Someone: “huh?? What??!!.. I am sure you want to be a fig-”
Me: “I want to be……..”
Me: “a pork cutlet bowl…..”
Someone: “……….”
Me: “that enthralls men……” *does jj style pose*