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It’s funny cuz that’s exactly how we look.


Sorry not sorry 🙈🙈🙈
@ichmachpfannkuchenausdir left such sweet tags as usual ♥ consider this a thank you, I guess?? But also you brought up this thing about Mic’s butt :

 #okay so #first thing i noticed: he looks gorgeous #stunning #BREATHTAKING #second: his butt #it’s…. really defined but flat #it confused me at first #but then i started appreciating it #see his butt’s absolutely flat #but he wants to compete with aizawa so he wears the tightest pants to ever exist #which is why it’s so weirdly defined #third thing: elbow pad #i want to know the truth #does he have elbow pads on both elbows or only on the left one?????? #will we ever find out????? #fourth: his hand looks so good holy shit #all in all: very good art entertained me well 18/10

I actually tried to give him a butt but you definitely get a better butt if you use references, as seen on Aizawa’s butt. 👌👌

  • me: *ok i need to open up to someone*
  • me: omg have you seen that new game? have you played that other game it looks so cool! omfg and what about the news from that anime i was so waiting to watch it
  • me: *it's fine, there's always next time :)*

ALA 2017 Cosplayers (^▽^)

photos taken by me