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Sports Stories - The Best Play Here in Japan

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, people will know I keep up with US professional sports as much as I try to keep up with the manga stuff. Of course, I’m in-between sports fans who don’t give a crap about otaku fandom versus anime/manga fans that don’t like sports at all. That’s fine with me. 

However, anime/manga fans are living in a time where sports anime/manga series are getting a bigger spotlight worldwide. Series like Haikyuu!!, Ace of Diamond, Yowamushi Pedal and Kuroko’s Basketball have drawn in a large number of fans into the genre unlike in previous years. A New York Times article I read seems to have given the idea that maybe those series have a better edge in telling stories better than real sports themselves.

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You know Kageyama will never be confirmed as canon autistic, right? The author doesn't seem to acknowledge him like that either. His behavior is a trope seen in a lot of sports anime, he's the prodigy character that is obsessed with the sport and cares about nothing else so they fail at everything else. He only pulls through with tests because it affects MUH VOLLEYBALL. Furudate himself gave Kageyama the shirt that said Single Celled Organism aka stupid. Kageyama is not as complex as you think.


  • [ texting ]
  • Himuro:Shuu, what did you think of me when we first met?
  • Nijimura:I thought you were pretty cool.
  • [ five seconds later ]
  • Nijimura:Who am I kidding! I thought and still think you are the most beautiful creature with a hot piece of ass!
  • Nijimura:Damn it. Now I gotta go take a cold shower.
  • Nijimura:I hope you're happy, Tatsuya.