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YOI kinda lines up sports anime tropes to shoot em down, especially in the first few episodes. Yuuko's introduction was one: it's set up so that we expect her to be Yuuri's childhood crush, but then we learn later on that she's married with three kids and not only is he not sad/jealous about her marriage, he doesn't even bring her up when he's asked about his romantic past--they were really just friends all along. 1/2

2/2 Another is that sports protags are almost always talented amateurs who start at the bottom and work their way up to the top over the course of the story. Yuuri starts off as a professional, who’s been in competition for years, who was good enough to make it to the biggest competitions. Regular sports protagonists gain confidence as they learn more about the sport, while Yuuri just has a huge case of impostor syndrome to work through.

Thanks for that addition! I didn’t watch sports anime before yoi so it wasn’t until I joined fandom when I understood how revolutionary it is but even then I was impressed with the way Yuuko was introduced. In western media, you too have that trope of a childhood crush/friend that turns out to be a beauty and ends up as a plot device rather than a real character while Yuuko is never objectified or sexualized. It applies to all the woman in yoi and it’s definitely worth noticing.

And you’re right with that, of course, I believe that Yuuri is in whole a very original main character. I think that while Yurio is taken from a specific tradition of protagonists (again, I’m not a specialist in anime but Kubo-sensei told in an interview that he was the first character she had in mind because she knew the specific type of character she wanted to use), Yuuri seems to be a wonderful character because he’s something new. Like, his age, his place in the sport, his experience, his anxiety, his sexuality, all of this makes his characters so much interesting and relatable and it also means the classic scheme won’t work for him. But again, this is just one of so many things yoi does good and differently. I could talk for hours about why characters are so well-written here but I think you said the most important thing. Thanks for your message!

After Sochi Olympics ended, there was “Hanyu Fever” in Japan. A japanese tv show was doing investigation and almost everyone said that “Yuzuru looks like he jumps out of Manga”. Then that show’s reporter went to a manga/anime specialist. The mangaka answered the question , 1. Yuzuru’s body proportion is perfect. You can divide his body into 8 parts with the same height as his head. And that is the best style of male character in manga or anime.
2. His face is small and he has long slender neck.
No wonder,then ^_^


Did you know that there are 6 categories of Nen?

Nen is usually must be learned formally with someone who are experienced of Nen. But, some of people already learned it naturally or without them realizing it.

I’ll give you a simple description of those types of Nen. Those types are:

  1. 強化系 (Kyoukakei) - The Enhancer
    An enhancher uses their aura to increase the effectiveness of any objects, including their own body parts.
  2. 変化系 (Henkakei) - The Transmuter
    transmuter uses their aura to change the properties of theeir aura to mimic an object.
  3. 具現化系 (Gugenkakei) - The Conjurer
    Similar to transmuter, a conjurer change their aura into other physical, independent, material objects that can be seen by anyone, even those who are ordinary people (unaware of Nen).
  4. 放出系 (Houshutsukei) - The Emitter
    An emitter is capable of controlling the deployment of their aura while separating it from body. Usually, they deploy it by launching it like a projectile.
  5. 操作系 (Sousakei) - The Manipulator
    manipulator uses their aura to control living or non-living object, they can also manipulate their own enemy.
  6. 特質系 (Tokushitsukei) - The Specialist
    specialist is the unique and rare one. Their ability is extremely rare and very different than other 5 categories.

From the pictures above, we can know the users of those Nen types. It’s a lot, actually. But I’ll tell you who are they in those pictures.

  • The Enhancers are Gon Freecss and Wing.
  • The Transmuters are Hisoka and Killua Zoldyck.
  • The Conjurers are Kurapika Kuruta and Machi.
  • The Emitters are Leorio Paladignight (even he’s not shown his Nen ability yet at the anime) and Franklin.
  • The Manipulators are Illumi Zoldyck and Shalnark.
  • The Specialist are Neon Nostrade and Chrollo Lucilfer.

Yup, that ends my description about Nen types. I hope you can know better!