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Anime Inspired Alola Forms

So this image kinda got me thinking about this

and it IS true that some of the currently announced Alola forms reference age old pokemon content. Exeggutor with an old Pokedex entry talking about it’s heads getting bigger and Marowak referencing the precious Ghost Mom from Lavender town

(REALLY Excited to be able to catch that after all these years!!!)

and now with this new spoiler, a lot of people are saying it references a pokemon that was specific to the Anime


Alolan Raichu, some say, references this fella, Puka, from the anime.

and while this is more than likely a reference to Surfing PIkachu in general, it did make me think about where else from the anime they could take inspiration from, heck, you could feasibly claim that Alolan Meowth is based on Team Rocket Meowth in a way, and EVIL Meowth? (note that Dark type is Evil type in japan) 

So these are some of the Pokemon that could get Alola Forms based on the Anime!!


Most memorable Pokemon Coloration that isn’t actually in the games more than likely. Pink Butterfree could easily get some sort of Psychic or even Fairy Typing and it’s coloration would fit right in surrounded by all the colors of Alola! They’ll probably spruce it up a bit and make it MORE than just a pink Butterfree, but if it ends up being Pink, we all know where it came from


Now this one is a legitimate different Pokemon from the games. In the anime it’s made of Crystal and has no weakness to water, though it does have a weakness to fire instead. I saw someone post about this one already which also got me interested in looking these up, but this one has a lot of potential to offer quite a bit to the poor Rock Snake (Dream of an Eviolite Onix may just come true!!!)


These Snorlax have pretty much the exact same origin as the Alolan Vulpix and Sandshrew! the adapted to the snowy climate and ended up looking like Snowmen-like. While we already have a plethora of pokemon with this kind of origin already, AND an ice typing would be AWFUL for Snorlax, it’s a neat idea


This Sudowoodo was turned gold to try and give it a Water Immunity, Though I’m unsure what exactly they would do with it (and I’d prefer a Rock Grass Sudowoodo, let the thing’s dreams come true!) it would certainly be an interesting form (probably steel type, maybe a water absorb-like ability?) AND the first Nongen 1 pokemon to get an Alola Form so far which I hope they do let more than just gen 1 get some love with this new concept!

Those are the only ones I could fins that were of any real note or were unique enough to warrant attention. The Pikan Island and Professor Ivy episodes had a lot of different colored pokemon, but they were part of a group of Pokemon, not just a soecific pokemon so I wasn’t really gonna touch on them. Purhaps we’ll be seeing some more inspiration from the show in Sun and Moon, and hopefully we’ll be getting a lot more Alola Forms! I haven’t been this hyped for news since Mega Evolutions (Which I’m still waiting for!)