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give us the horror stories of the 2012 pjo ive forgotten them all

oh my god i have so many horror stories about 2012 pjo, including stuff that i experienced personally. most of this post is probably gonna seem unbelievable, but its all true. if youre ready to hear about how everyone hated piper, takaraphoenix’s fucked up yaoi, nico di angelo’s 3729424 girlfriends, and bulleted lists that document how awful fanfiction was, then click the read more button

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I'm not really into the yandere stuff TBH.. I know others like it though

//I mean not like i was ever gonna do that like shit i dont even like,,, drama,, why would i like this anime shit -Mod Matt

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there are so many moments between Ciel and Sebastian in this manga that I distinctly remember being framed as “"romantic”“ or used for fanservice in the anime and im… rather peturbed

the pink dress fiasco is not nearly as uncomfortable in the manga. were it not rooted in transmisogyny, it might even be kinda funny. and no sign of that Super Uncomfortable corset scene THANK GOD

and those moments between Sebastian are very obviously just Sebastian fucking with Ciel as a kind of petty revenge for the bullshit Ciel puts him through. which yes, is hilarious

the shit the anime turned these scenes into is fucking gross

I’m gonna beat up the black butler anime behind the 7/11 in key largo

im still super confused about the popularity of ranma ½

like i never got in to it back in the day but evidently a lot of people my age were in to it and hold it in pretty high regard, so fair enough

but the plot of the show is “dude turns in to hot girl and gets his tits out, also other tits come out a lot”

am i missing something here

why is ranma ½ so fondly remembered even though its just a titty anime 

like shit man i love titties as much as the next person but i don’t go around calling cream lemon a classic masterpiece… much 

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You probably like really sappy anime. Like. Really shoujo shit I dunno

Tbh I don’t what shoujo means and I don’t watch anime often at all, almost never. BUT I did watch, among others, ‘My Little Monster’ and I THINK I cried at it I don’t remember. Either way it changed my whole life and I think about it every day.