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Random things my friends have said (starters)
  • "You're a trash can full of light."
  • "Look at my legs!!"
  • "Nothing says good friends more than murder."
  • "I love you, bitch."
  • "Sorry, I was really drunk last night."
  • "FIGHT ME."
  • "You know what would make me happy...iF YOU WENT TO FUCKING SLEEP."
  • "I love making people cry."
  • "Do it For the Sex."
  • "Come here, I'll brush your hair."
  • "I have no idea what I'm doing."
  • "That's Gay™."
  • "You look like a fish."
  • "This is bullying!!"
  • "Mosquitoes should have abortions."
  • "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "I can be sexy AND sad."
  • "*does taxes at A L P H A S P E E D*"
  • "(deep voice) JUICY."
  • "You're the biggest nerd I've ever seen."
  • "My socks are better than yours."

     Hey; so I know these go around much quicker, so I just wanted so say that
I’m a new Haruhi Fujioka rp blog looking for rp partners! I’m completely open to
AUs, OCs and crossovers. So if you guys could like or reblog this to get the
word out, I’d truly appreciate it.

                               **Please only rp blogs interact!**

I'm open to roleplay and asks

Like legit all the time. By all means, send some asks or send me some messages in regards to a roleplay. I’ve mastered Tamaki, Kyoya, and Haruhi, and I’ve been dabbling in Honey and Mori. I feel more comfortable with Honey than I do Mori, but that’s beside the point. ROLEPLAY WITH ME OR SEND ME ASKS, PLEASE! I’M BORED!

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Y'all,,, The Overwatch Game Browser is wild af

All underlined games:
• Anime Highschool S3xy School Shooter RP (18+)
• The Office RP
• Cancerous Sombra Battle- 1 hit 1 kill
• Chill, No Kill, Peaceful, and Relaxing [Girls Here]
• Jeff Kaplan’s Secret RP Server
• City RP?
• Hammer Boi
• Hot Sloppy 18+ RP
• Join If You Hate Zenyatta
• 500% vs Hard Botz You Dig?? Hurry Tf Up And Join Already!
• Jake Paulers Only!! 6v6 Elim Pls Join!!
• Rockem Sockem Doomfist

Middle School Me
  • Me: Yeah, I'm not ashamed of my middle school self.
  • Middle School Self: *said kawaii unironically
  • Middle School Self: *wore closet cosplays to school and acted in character with my friends at recess
  • Middle School Self: *literally passed notes roleplaying
  • Middle School Self: *made anime parodies of meme songs
  • Me: ...I feel some shame.