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Todoroki was clearly shaken by your first attack. I had hoped to get the ten million points, but things don’t always go as you wish. Even so, I got one. I took the one on his head where his guard was weakest. Midoriya, this was thanks to the opening you created with your last spurt. ☆☆

For people who are asking me about the content of the two books:
( The two books are official )<<<

((Book of Heaven))

▪Special interview with Masashi Kishimoto, Tetsuya Nishio & Hirofumi Suzuki (character design).
▪Anime illustrations collected within 15 years.
▪Interview with Hiroyuki Yamashita (film director & series Boruto).
▪A collection of illustrations for Boruto.

((Book of the Earth))

▪Review 720 episodes & 11 films.

▪Interview with actors performing sounds Naruto, Sasuke & Sakura.
▪Interview with Hayato Diet (Director of Naruto Anime & Naruto Shippuden).
▪Choosing “Best Scenes from anime” by Studio pierrot Group.

Some scenes that I really can’t wait to see in the next episode!!!!!!

This living charger aka Kaminari Denki charging his phone XD

This scene because it cracks me up to no end. First of all, Mina is like “we’re practically the same” as in she wasn’t supposed to win because she relied on someone else’s power. Second, Hagakure defending Ojiro 0w0. Third, the way Ojiro asked about her cheerleader outfit XD I don’t know why it just sounds so funny in my head!

AND OF COURSE, THIS SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO WATCH IT AHHHH!!!!!!! Unfortunately, their fight is the week after next week’s episode :p

and I’m not sure… but I think the anime may end here… or it might have the whole fight… I don’t know

Now this just hurts me physically >.<


If the boys’ volleyball uniform is like the girls’ volleyball uniform

*edited noya’s*


I don’t have an excuse for uploading this. I just want your eyes to hurt.

*edited noya’s*

(recolored anime screencap)



“Here’s a real question: how have you survived this long when you’re so violently self-destructive?

Andrew cocked his head to one side in a question. Neil didn’t know if Andrew was playing stupid to rile him or if Andrew really was oblivious. Either way it was frustrating. He wondered why no one else had caught on, or if people noticed and just didn’t care enough to say it. Now that Neil saw it, though, he couldn’t look past it. Anytime the Foxes mentioned Andrew’s upcoming sobriety or Andrew’s name popped up in write-ups on the team’s performance at games, the focus was on what a danger he was. People talked about his trial and how it saved them from Andrew. No one said what they were doing to save Andrew from himself.

Yuri!!! On Stage Event Report!

So today (4/29/2017) I went to the Yuri on Ice Yuri on Stage event. To clarify though, I was not at the actual Tokyo event, rather a live viewing at a local movie theater. Which of course does alter the experience but it’s the next best thing. At first I thought the theater was only doing the afternoon session, but very last minute I ended up being able to attend both!

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