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Anime nerds: Starfire/Quiet/Momo Yaoyorozu /etc. need exposed skin in order to use their powers!!!

Me: Yeah but there are lots of ways you can give a female character a design with bare skin that doesn’t sexualize her, especially if she’s underage, such as giving them bare arms, or modest shorts, or

Anime nerds:


Flower and Frame


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Anime. Just fuckin anime. I wanna be a weeb. 



Video games in general pls

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I’m still alive!
I finally finished my Magus Bride print. Love the manga, and absolutely love Yuris (Ruth) and his “sister” Isabelle. It might’ve only been a few pages worth of back story, but I’m in love.
Anyway! These lovely two will be with me at Anime Austin! I’m looking forward to it!


aries: HOT ASFFFFFFF, makes a p powerful entrance + generally has a rlly nice face

taurus: an actual goddess, usually has a really attractive neck + gorgeous curves

gemini: usually slender or longg legs, seems intelligent as fuck !!! + has nice hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

cancer: either lanky or thicc, mysterious when u first meet them + nice boobs / chest

leo: GORGEOUS AF HAIR, lets u know that they’re there + something about them rlly stands out

virgo: kinda like those intelligent yet kinda quiet anime guys, may or may not have a resting bitch face + they look fucking perfect

libra: symmetrical faces, come off as a bit of a hippie + RADIATE BEAUTY

scorpio: something about them is rlly sexy, mysterious as fuck + they normally have dark features

sagittarius: nice butt, L O U D + they come off as super duper positive

capricorn: resting dead face, may come off as an asshole + there’s something about them that’s so sexy ??? but you can’t put your finger on it ???

aquarius: something about them usually looks unique, has a lot of cute lil freckles + has nice legs

pisces: so frkin ethereal, they just look otherworldly + they normally have nice curves