anime problems

i don’t mean to keep it going really, but you know the big problem with anime is with guys? we are bigger followers than girls with TV shows and sexual anime. like guys call girls followers of the media and all that, but guys especially won’t ever expand their horizons past anything if they think other guys will make fun of them and drag them. or if the media says “oh this is too girly…”. girls watch way more types of anime than guys do imo, i’m just basing it off my experiences with talking to people. but that’s just my opinion remember. a lot of guys still won’t go past their manly mechs or action not even once to try something out. some guys just don’t like cute stuff or “dramatic romance supernatural the anime” but those people are usually the people who are respectful and don’t drag other guys for it.

there’s still the whole “you are not masculine if you watch this!” mentality too and some guys don’t realize they do it lol. just like in middle school and such when you would mention you liked cartoons to certain guys, they acted like it was a sin and you were so “girly”. ?????

like i couldn’t even talk about ore monogatari to some guys, because even if they watch it they are boring/not super open about it (even if they are watching it). so yeah don’t ever let a guy make you feel bad about following certain trends or some media, because some guys are fucking awful and toxic with it. it’s not bad to follow trends, but it depends if you are being an asshole about it or not. certain shows and trends DO appeal to whatever gender but just be yourself my peeps.

Otaku Problems

I can’t decide whether I should:

-watch anime

-read manga

-read fanfic for anime/manga

-write fanfic for anime/manga

-look at fanart on tumblr for anime/manga

-draw fanart for anime/manga

What has my life become?

The struggle is real.


Anime List
  • Me:I'll watch this in the Summer.
  • Friend:No you won't, you never do.
  • Me:I have a list somewhere on my desk.
  • Friend:"Somewhere", you say.