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i have many reasons why i think naruto is sad after sasuke told him to give sakura a message, but i will say the one i think is mostly correct.
Naruto Feels Guilty. Why?
Bc he knows his best friend. bc he knows his best friend hasn’t seen the girl he loves and his daughter in years. bc he sent sasuke out on this mission. bc he knows sakura and sarada misses sasuke. bc he knows sasuke misses his family as well. bc he knows sasuke doesn’t know how tall his daughter has grown, how she dresses, what her voice sounds like, what’s her favorite food. bc he knows sakura’s feelings for sasuke. bc he knows sasuke’s feelings for sakura. bc what other clan treasures love more than the uchiha clan. bc after this conversation, naruto can go home to his wife and kids, but sasuke can’t.

so with the announcement of metroid prime 4, I bumped this project up to the top of my to do list. I saw this clip from Rick & Morty on yt a long time back and instantly thought of Samus. and the 2 passengers are filled by 2 fellow Switch smash bros. edited for language b/c that’s how I roll. made within 24- hrs. with anime studio pro. 


He said to the mathematician, “infinity is an impossible measure”.


“It carries the worth of a mother’s love”, he replied.

Sakura Uchiha