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Yuri on Ice: Dictionary /Beginner’s Guide

Here’s a quick guide to increase your understanding of the YOI world!

YOI – Yuri on Ice
OP – Opening credits/theme
ED – Ending credits/theme
Onsen – A Japanese bathhouse/hot spring/inn; Yuuri’s family owns one 

SP – Short program; first part of each skating competition; they can be a maximum of 2 minutes, 50 seconds according to ISU regulations for senior men’s division; certain elements are required to be present (such as a step sequence, spins, certain jumps, etc.)
FS – Free skate; also called the long program; second part of each skating competition; they can be a maximum of 4 minutes, 30 seconds according to ISU regulations for senior men’s division; any elements (spins, jumps, etc.) performed after the halfway mark will receive a 10% bonus to the base value of the score [Hence why Yurio put all his jumps in the second half at Rostelecom Cup]
JSF – Japanese Skating Federation; Yuuri is certified as a figure skater through the JSF.
GPF – Grand Prix Final; the big worldwide competition Yuuri is aiming for; this is actually the first of major skating events; Yuuri would also be eligible to participate in the national Japanese skating competition, Four Continents, and Worlds. Yurio would participate in the European figure skating competition instead of nationals.
Toe Jump – uses the tip of the skate blade to propel the jumps
Edge Jump – uses the edges (either inner or outer) of the skate to take off on the jumps
Toeloop (T) – a toe jump, the most common quad jump in men’s figure skating; said to be the easiest toe jump; (adding a number refers to how many revolutions made, example 4T is a quadruple toeloop);  Viktor had originally planned a 4T at the end of Yuuri’s free skate
Salchow (S) – an edge jump characterized by the legs spread apart (not crossed) before the jump; said to be the easiest edge jump
Loop (Lo) – an edge jump characterized by the crossing of the legs before the jump and skater taking an almost sitting position
Flip (F) – a toe jump
Lutz (Lz) – the most difficult toe jump
Axel (A) – the most difficult edge jump, involves an extra half rotation;the only jump to take off from a forward position
Kiss & Cry – the area where the skaters wait for their scores and often kiss and cry.

@dgraymanweek Day 1 || The Voice of Darkness

Who remembers those little D.Gray-Academy shorts from the 2006 anime aha

Yuri! On Ice

Aries: Jean Jacques Leroy

Tauro: Kenjirou Minami

Géminis: Leo de la Iglesia

Cáncer: Georgi Popvich

Leo: Yuri Plisetsky

Virgo: Phichit Chulanont

Libra: Viktor Nikiforov

Escorpio: Seung-gil Lee

Sagitario: Christophe Giacometti

Capricornio: Mila Babicheva

Acuario: Sara Crispino

Piscis: Yuuri Katsuki

Diganme que no soy la unica que esta ENAMORADA de este anime <3 <3

Es que amo todo, el opening, el ending, las canciones de las presentaciones.

#TeamYurio forever <3 <3

A quien vea anime y no conozca Yuri! On Ice, se lo recomiendo al 100%

anonymous asked:

seeing as the anime was acted out and filmed, then surely the openings and endings were also filmed? how did asagiri manage to force akutagawa to do that first scene in the season 2 ending... ಠ_ಠ

they gave him enchiladas 

if you think about it, filming openings and endings looks a lot easier because the actors and actresses don’t have dialogues. However, that is not the case for Aku when they filmed the season 2 ending, he’s all naked and shit with all the lighting effects, wearing only his am I allowed to say this here undies!

When they finally got the script, Akutagawa was seen sweating rivulets but is trying to look calm and collected, the perfect epitome of “okay, Im gonna be naked on that scene well fuck” he only told Atsushi about it and Atsu only laughs at him. Akutagawa begs Asagiri to not let the others a.k.a his castmates to see the filming  but Dazai pulled a prank again and sneak into the river where they film the scene and fucking Dazai even brought Higuchi with them! with Atsushi, can you believe it. Higuchi have no idea she will witness a lewd Akutagawa wearing only his undies, Dazai tricked her by saying there is a cute squirrel nearby and bam! a lewd scene . Atsushi is laughing his ass off, Akutagawa screaming into the sun asking “WHY ARE YOU HERE?!” Dazai teasing the heck out of Aku by asking “Are you embarrassed because of Higuchi or is it because of Atsushi?” in the end, Atsushi and Akutagawa chased him, Asagiri had to stop the filming for like 2 hours because of the bickering idiots.

There were no troubles again after that. Except for the awkward moments between Akutagawa and Higuchi because she saw his black batman brief 

Few Personal Headcanons


2p Italy plays the violin and to me is basically that one guy who looks super cool and awesome from a distance but one you get to know them is literally the worst friend you’ve ever made. Luciano has a low patience and can not handle stupidity even as a joke. If you would act really stupid round him, I can only say he would squint at you judging you silently. Also is super Tsundere. No one can tell me other wise.

Ugh 2p Germany is a huge perv not even gonna lie. He’d make like sexual innuendos and then laugh about them later while you’re probably still wondering what the hell he’s talking about. He is lazy but not lazy enough to have the body of all gods.(acts smooth, but it actually really lame)

2p Japan. Third most sensible of the axis, but can be really irrational in the heat of the moment. Kuro is the one who has the ringtone to his favorite anime opening or ending and most likely has a shrine of Miku in his closet. He is the mother and does not give a shit about anything, like forever poker face. Best cook that has ever set foot on the planet earth and don’t you forget it.

2p Romano is the bigger fashionista there has ever lived. Don’t even get me started on how this boy will angrily type a whole packet about how bad crocs are and why they should be illegal. He is the topmost of all fashion and most of his brain consist on his appearance. Even though he cares much about appearance he won’t look at someone in disgust if they don’t look camera ready. Unless they wear something that isn’t their size(mostly too small) then he might have trouble on telling his friends and not keeping it to himself.

He is the cutest baby of all I can’t even tell how adorable 2p Prussia is. Gillen has really low self esteem, like if you give him a compliment he might either deny it or his self esteem would go up but like +3 and if he gets any negative comments it’ll drop to like -60000. He’s not weak, but is really indecisive about his decisions. For example if someone was picking on a friend of his, his time would mostly be standing there thinking out scenarios of what could happen in the two paths, making him on of the most sensible.He’s more of a picker upper than someone to stop it all together.


2p America is without a doubt an instigator. He’s like the child who never grew up, not really having much of filter or testing people with a goofy smile of his face. Overall just a big kid. Even though he can be really childish there are times where he’s really an adult, like cheering people up or taking serious situations serious while still lightening up the mood. With a s/o, he’d be really gentle and would put them first before himself. He’s a dick though. Is Vegan and haaaaaaaates when any of fast food commercials come on, because it makes his stomach hurt to see so much grease in one food item. It hurts his soul.

2p Canada is the big buff cheeto puff. He’s super blank face and looks really intimating, but is all about cuddling by the fireplace with a hot cup of Cocoa. He does the occasional smoking, but only if he’s really stressed out and needs some kinda quick way to get his mind clear. Matthieu has a “Bros Before Hoes” relationship with Allen even though it doesn’t really seem like they get along. He is the best at making some fluffy buttery pancakes that you would be begging for seconds.

2p France, as we all know if a heavy smoker and drinker. François doesn’t tend to talk much and doesn’t mind having silence. He also tends to have a medium to high sex drive. Not that he needs to be in any kind of sexual act constantly, but probably can’t do it himself after a week or two. He’s like Italy, mafia wise and has plenty of connections to get what he wants when needed. Right now he doesn’t seem so compatible, but does a soft side deep deep deep in his soul and can’t stand the sight of an injured pet. Has to change the channel if one of those animal shelter donation commercials come on.

2p England is the kindest most sweetest loving asshole there has ever been. Sure he is covered with colors and smiles and cupcakes, but can annoy you bad into swearing so he can pull out that swear jar. He cares for everything, but don’t get him to a point where he’s so mad that his kitchen knife won’t just be used to cutting foods. He won’t swear for anything and if he does it’s just words like fudge or butterscotch.

2p Russia is the love of everyone. Vlad is a pacifist and will not fight not matter how gruesome things are. He would sit down and have a civilized conversation about the issue over like some coffee instead of resulting to violence. He has a large library in his home containing over hundreds of books and loves to read and be informed of politics. He is very well cultured on the world and enjoys learning more information and facts. He likes people who are willing to talk about touchy subjects in the world and who wouldn’t turn a blind eye to such issues.(race, injustice, politics, brutality etc.)

2p China is the short angry one, also with zero amount of filters. He sucks a cooking, please do not ask this child to make ANYTHING for you, unless you’re prepared to go to hospital to get your stomach pumped. It may look good, but do not taste it at all cost. When he’s stressed out he’ll just get high and chill with some kid shows and a bag of Doritos. Huge flirt and just because he flirts doesn’t mean he’s all into you though. Just saying.


2p Spain is literally a stone. You will probably never see this guy smile, he barely talks, doesn’t like being touched and doesn’t know the word friendly or gentle. The only person he lets touch him and hang onto him is Flavio. I mean he let him dye a strand of his hair. Anyway, Andres has a “whatever if it’s not broken” attitude and doesn’t care what people think. He does like being inside and just take a nap, so have fun with that.

You know that one kid in high school who had shaved hair, Metallica shirts, ripped jeans and wore the pentagon necklaces and you kinda hated them but still found them alluring in a way? That is literally 2p Austria. Ryszard is all about rock and seems like a “Hail Satan!” kind of guy. He plans on being ruler of the world and treats himself like the king. He tends to smoke for any occasion, sad, mad, happy, bored, just to have something in his mouth. Like binge eating, but with cigarettes. Even though he listens to the hard rock and metal, he secretly has a huge soft spot for classical music. Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, so on and so forth.