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Questions in tag:

1. Favorite artist? 

Sum 41, blink 182, Scouting for girls, Yousei Teikoku, One Ok Rock
2. Hobbies?

anime & manga, cooking (I’m in gastronomy school), spending time with friends, playing games

3. Any pet peeves?

Snoring, slurping, chewing

4. Dream vacation?

I’d love to visit Japan  or Italy *-*

5. Favorite food?

EVERYTHING. I just love food xD especially sushi and junk food

6. Morning or night person?

I’m a night person.

7. What is your motivation?

To be honest - it’s hard for me to find any motivation. I’m an lazy ass ^^”

8. Favorite season? 

Every season have something special in itself, but I like spring the most 

9. Favorite part of the day and why? 

Again - night. I like spending time on laptop at night; watching anime, reading manga or listening to music. 

10. What do you value most in a relationship? 

Definitely trust

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part three of my cliffhanger fanfic I hope you guys are enjoying this because I enjoy writing it be warned the start may feel iffy since I was writing it before I went to bed yesterday and I didn’t manage to sleep the day before so take with grain of salt.

edit:try reading this whilst listening to some intense anime ost or something cool, e.g try one ok rocks the beginning for the bit where Yoshiko transforms and fights Kotori (in fact listen to that whenever a fight is happening in this and imagine what this would look like animeted with that song playing in the background)

The smoke within the forest thickens, in the distance near the edge of the forest Hanamaru, now reaching the gate of the town, could still feel out the uneasy presence of the creature that almost ended her life moments ago. Still worried about Yoshiko she turns to look behind her only to see that the entire forest had already been engulfed by Yoshiko’s smoke. There was no way of re-entering the forest now as taking even a single step in the smoke would mean death, not that the smoke was harmful or dangerous it’s just no single person who ever entered this smoke have ever make it out alive, the moment you set foot in to the smoke you were determined to get lost in this shapeless maze. All Hanamaru could do now was hope for the best and hurry towards the castle.

Deep within the forest, two unsettling auras had erupted into clash of wills. Neither of the two had yet to land a single hit on each other. Swift movements danced across the luscious green grass of the forest, the beast with an uncontrollable rage continuously swiped at yoshiko, each swipe  becoming faster and stronger, yet she could not come close to landing a hit on Yoshiko. Yoshiko on the other hand, was still observing her opponent’s movements whilst only raising her hand to block the odd attack, you see, yoshiko had planned this the moment she arrived on the battlefield, to use the smoke to weaken her enemy’s sense of vision, by doing so she would hope that it would give her a tactical advantage over her opponent as she, unlike the crimson beast she was facing, was already accustomed to the smoke, why wouldn’t she? This was her own technique after all and not being able to navigate in her own creation would not only cause trouble for her allies but herself as well.

Beginning to feel annoyed by Yoshiko’s little trick, Maki became more agitated and started losing more control of her rage, the more she thought about what that pathetic little sheep had done to her face, the more wild she became. She was slowly succumbing to the darkness within her, it was no longer just her face that was cracking but her entire body, infact her body was so cracked that pieces of her “skin” was flaking off to reveal the burning the flesh that was beneath it. It seem that her glistening flesh was the reason behind the eerie red glow that was seeping through the cracks in her skin.

Fed up of the vision impairing smoke around her and unable to keep her rage under control anymore, she let out a blood curdling yell that seemed endless, however, unlike when she did it before, something seemed off her skin was tightening like her flesh would burst out her skin at any moment, then suddenly, an energy field rapidly developed around her forming some sort of barrier. The smoke around the barrier was being pushed away by the energy that was being discharged by the barrier. Yoshiko stunned by the sudden development had stop moving to observe her enemy’s new found shield. However, by stopping her movements she had alerted the beast to where she was, reacting to this stillness the beast charged towards her grabbing her by the neck and lifting her off the ground. Yoshiko struggled to loosen the grip of her foe. Looking down at her enemy, Yoshiko noticed something odd was happening to Maki’s body, not only was her skin peeling off but it seems that her muscle had increased in size too. But the strangest development was the two horn like protrusion developing on her forehead. Struggling for breath she chants:

“Force of the exiled prince, heed my voice and obey my command sever that which binds the hand that feeds you.”

Five blades of wind cut clean through the arm of the beast that was strangling her. As she gasped for air the beast let out a cry of pain. Yoshiko raised to her to feet again as she strikes she pained beast in her stomach with the bowl of the kiseru pipe with enough force to send her a good 5 or so meters back.

“Souls of the seven swords, hear my voice and act as my shadow, perform the dance of mimicry and move as my heart conducts, orchestra of  despair, Violent Dawn”

Seven blades manifest in a circle around Yoshiko, each blade possessing a different colour represented in the rainbow, they dance around her, circling her forming her own protective field around her. She points them towards her opponent, gesturing towards the beast she was facing in a single fluid hand motion the blades began to move in tandem towards their target, weaving in and out of each other leaving a coloured trail behind them.

Seeing the blades Maki swiftly moves out of the way, even though she is in this state she was still capable of dodging, she had yet lose that much of her mind yet. Noticing that her blades had missed, Yoshiko made another fluent hand movement towards the blades, this time moving her hands towards herself. The receiving her command the blades stop and and swiftly turn themselves around they began travelling towards her, the beast sensing the swords from behind dodges them yet again. Swiftly making more fluent hand movement the blades began dancing through the air separately, each one moving towards the beast. The beast began to run but it seems no matter how hard it tried she could not shake off the blades, as the swords kept moving the more arm movements Yoshiko made, it was obvious at this point she was controlling the blades all separately, however, the amazing thing wasn’t that she could separately control all seven at once but the fact that the way she did it was almost like she was conducting a large orchestra in front of a crowd of millions.

With the seven swords still chasing after her, Maki stopped, using her remaining right arm she swiped the blades away, uninjured by this action she began to charge at Yoshiko once more, though this time she was faster. It seemed that the energy barrier around her was feeding her more energy which was causing her body to change, to become faster, to become stronger.

Unable to call her swords back fast enough to defend herself with, Yoshiko was hit with the full force of Maki’s attack knocking her into the base of the holy tree, the Kaibyaku no ki. The force of the attack was so strong that it caused Yoshiko to cough up blood. The beast stopped on the spot where Yoshiko stood a few seconds ago and slowly raised it’s head to meet her opponent’s eyes.

“Yes! This is the power I need. Ufufu with this I could achieve anything!”

It seemed that Maki had managed to gain small amount of her sanity and reason back.

“That’s right! All I have to do to repair the mess that sheep caused to my face is take yours!”

With that sudden realization she charges once more towards Yoshiko. Noticing one of the arrows Hanamaru used now lying on the ground in front of her, Yoshiko places it firmly in the ground, it was the only way. She had to form a new contract. She begins to chant the words of spiritual offering:

“Branch of the ancient oak, rise once more from the ground, become the mighty guardian you were once more, I, Tsushima Yoshiko, offer my blood as the price of your servi-”

The beast grabs her by the neck once more and lifts her into the air, struggling to breath Yoshiko continues her her chant.

“I-I offer my blood a-as the price of your service, take my h-hand and remember m-my voice. I forge this blood contract with you.”  A single drop of blood from Yoshiko’s mouth trickles down her chin and drips onto the arrow she had placed in the ground.

“I summon thee, guardian protector of harmony, guardian Tristan!”

The arrow began to thicken and branches out. Vines began to wrap themselves against the beast constricting her, limiting her movements. Still holding on to  the neck of Yoshiko, the vines from Yoshiko new spell began to tighten around her, Maki loses her grip on Yoshiko and throws her down on the ground. The more she struggled the tighter the vines got, now with the branches beginning to encase her as well her movements being completely sealed.

Regaining her breath and composure, Yoshiko got up again, wiping the blood from her mouth she glares at the horned creature now encased in branches and vines. She slowly approached towards the mass of wood that is still rapidly increasing in size.

“July 13th, 5 years ago, do you remember that date?”

The now immobilized monster stares at the approaching Yoshiko with confusion.

“I remember that day clearly. It was my birthday but it was also the day I lost everything.”

“W-what are you on about?” her victim questioned.

Slowly raising her hand to her face, Yoshiko removed the delicately decorated  white mask from her face. What the creature saw underneath the mask was not what she was expecting, cracks ran along the right side of her face like those that plagued the beast’s body, only they were not cracks but scares, horrible looking scars. Atop the right side of her forehead protrudes a small white horn. Now standing right in front of the hunter turned prey, Yoshiko looks her straight in the eyes.

“Do you remember this face?”

Still in confusion the creature continues to struggle.

“I said I wanted revenge for this, didn’t I?” the young enchanter questioned whilst gently running her hand across the right side of her face.

“Well that’s not entirely true. What you did to me wasn’t only this. I asked you if you remember July 13th of 5 years ago, I ask you this because that was the day you gave me this horrible wound, that was the day you killed my family. What you destroyed that day wasn’t just the shopping district of Uranoboshi, what you destroyed was the entire world I knew.”

Now clenching her fists she places one hand on the branches that have ensnared her opponent.

“With my family dead I turned to other fellow survivors and people passing by from nearby villages to seek shelter, they all ran from me, calling me a monster, demon, freak, I was alone, shunned from society. It was your darkness that did all this, to prevent the cycle repeating again the darkness must be destroyed.”

She placed both hands in front of her and placed them on her enemy’s bindings.

“Wicked soul that plagues the earth and scorches the very path it walks, return to whence you came from, to the very depths of hell I cast thee away. BE CLEANSED!

With these words said a bright ball of light emanates from Yoshiko’s hands. The light washes over the beast, the beast screams in pain as it does so. The force of the light pushes back the beast causing it’s skin and burning flesh to flake of it’s body, with the flesh peeling away, it reveals a small white skinned child clad in a simple white dress with two small horns protruding from it’s forehead. As the light fades the child lays on the ground crying. Yoshiko, now out of breath, gazed upon the child that was left in place of the beast, it reminded her of her former self, helpless and alone, she moves towards the child wanting to comfort her, she lays a hand on the child’s cheek and using her thumb wipes away her tears. The child aggressively pushes away her hand and backs away from her.

“Don’t come near me, I’m a monster!” the child tearfully cried.

The child was only a cursed and confused version of her former enemy. Yoshiko approached the child once more preparing to embrace the child until, suddenly an orange blur rushes by her and knocks her in the holy tree once more, she was knocked back with such force that she bounces of the tree. The orange blur comes at her again this time knocking her into the ground with it’s leg before disappearing in a flash.

Footsteps approached from the front, painfully, Yoshiko tries to push herself back up in attempt to see who was now standing in front of her, but before she could the figure stomps down on her head and pushes it down into the ground.

“How interesting, Maki-chan why didn’t you tell me you were having so much fun?”

The crimson haired child reeled back in fear, with her body shaking she drops to her knees.

“P-please don’t punish me.” the child fearfully whimpered.

The figure turns her head around her smooth greyish-brown hair whipping to the side as she does so.

“Hurt you? There’s no possible way I could hurt you, after all you were only doing your job” the figure playfully replied to the child.

Walking towards the child she snaps her fingers, signalling to somebody in the trees.

“Rin-chan please take Maki-chan back to Otonokizawa.” she orders as the orange blur descends from the trees before whisking the child away and disappearing itself.

Yoshiko, in pain raises her head from the ground as she gazes forward, in front of her stood the mysterious figure that stomped on her. Without a single shred of doubt Yoshiko knew who she was facing, it was the one of the personal enforcers of the enemy leader, Minami Kotori, a person so dangerous it is said that she was the creation of demons. Picking up a now hardened piece of skin from the ground the enforcer turns around and introduces herself.

“Nice to meet you I’m Minami Kotori of house Muse. It seems you’ve hurt one of my friends very badly, I’m sorry but as the enforcer of house Muse I can’t possibly let you get away with that so lightly.” she smiled as all emotions drained from her eye leaving nothing but empty lifeless orbs staring right into Yoshiko’s soul.

Unlike her previous opponent, Kotori was more refined, she gave off a different kind of atmosphere, it was just as terrifying but there was something warm and familiar about it as well, with this said it was still very powerful, like pungent odour, it made it hard to breath for any living thing within her vicinity. She straightened up her unbuttoned military jacket, which in design resembled that of the uniform that was donned during a civil war of a far off land, and rubbed one of the medal that was pinned to it with her thumb before reaching into her the pockets of her waistcoat, which matched the design of her skirt, pulling out what appears to a pair of weapon of some sort that ressembles of both a knife and knuckle dusters. On her face, she had a scar running across her face, on her left eye she wore a simple leather eyepatch, under it was another scar this one running from her eyebrow to her cheek. Unsheathing the blades, she take out a handkerchief from her breast pocket she polishes the blade attached her weapons before placing her fingers through the four holes that are in place of the handles. Yoshiko still struggling to get on her feet again, tries to think of a way she could defend herself, although she was a high level witch, if her opponent is as strong as the orange flash that struck her down, then she would stand little chance against her in her current state. She had to do “that”, it was the only way she could think of if she wanted to stand any chance against the new threat that now stood before her.

“I offer this blood as payment for your services.” she signals one of the several blades towards, taking it in hand, she slices her wrist.

“Undo the chains that bound my mortal body and reforge what has been damaged. For this moment I cast away my humanity and give myself to the beast that roams within the flesh walls of my body.” the scar on her face begin to illuminate with a violet light, the light in her right eye begins to flicker as the horn on her head begins to grow with the tip curving inwards.

“I give the my body and call upon your name, reveal your true self to mine enemy and swallow them in darkness. RISE DEMON OF MY SOUL, IZANAMI!

A sudden burst of energy ruptures from Yoshiko’s body, pushing away everything around her as the wounds inflicted on her body begin to heal. The remaining six blades swiftly return to their master as a blinding light engulfs her. The light fuses with the energy and expands creating a large energy orb, as it continues to grow Kotori shields her eyes from the light as it approaches her. She retreats to the trees and before the orb has any chance of getting any larger she gather the wind at the tip of one of her blades and launches it into the orb causing it to explode with an explosion so strong that it whips the dust and the very earth that her opponent was standing on into the air.

Her vision now obstructed by the dust she uses the wind to cut through the dust clearing the air and her surroundings. As the dust below settles it reveals a large crater, not only in the ground but to an extent, the Kaibyaku no ki. In the center of the of the crater stood Yoshiko her skin now a pale shade of white which was comparable to the colour of porcelain or fine china. The right side of her body was now covered with what appeared to be clay coloured scales of some sort which have organised themselves into the form samurai armour with her right arm now giant, with horns upon her shoulder, resembling that of a fearsome oni’s. On the right side of her face, a ebony black horn protrudes the top of her forehead, the scales on her face had arranged themselves to a shape which closely resembles that of a samurai’s face guard, now with the right side of her of face partially obscured and her lips a shade of dark crimson, a glowing violet orb sat where her eye once was.

The left side of her body was a contrast to the right, pure white apart from her left arm which shared the same ebony black colour of her horn. A small grey wing stemmed from her back adorned with extravagant gold piercings encrusted with jewels. Her hair undone, was now a shade of white so pure that it had the potential of being that of an angle’s. Opaque silk ribbons surround the left her body and the seven blades, now forming a circle behind her, span slowly. She had now took on the appearance of a demonic celestial.

With the dust settled Kotori returns to the earth to face the newly transformed Yoshiko which now stood before her.

“So you have the same power Maki, huh? That will make this very fun match, don’t you think?” she asked playfully with an emotionless smile painted across her face. And with that she leaps into the air.

“I have something to show you too!” she says cheerfully.

The winds become violent as they begin to surround her, forming a tornado around her. As it strikes the ground the winds create a force strong enough to unroot the trees surrounding it. Unfazed, Yoshiko prepares to attack, with her Kiseru in her right hand she moves the pipe towards her mouth with her now giant hand and begins to take puff from her pipe. The smoke oozes from her pipe once more however but, unlike before instead of forming a large all encompassing smoke screen it took the form of a large spear, placing her kiseru in to her left hand, she took hold of the spear with her right and took up a throwing stance. She wasn’t sure what her opponent was up to, but whatever it was was going to finish her before she did it. With that thought she launched the spear towards her enemy still in the sky.

Soaring through sky and cutting through the strong winds that try to steer it of its course the spear neared its target, about to enter the tornado that surrounds her when, the sudden dispersal of the tornado pushes it away revealing to Yoshiko her new shocking sight. A halo positioned itself above Kotori’s head, a blood stained, opaque silk ribbon floated around her, her body now glistening, she slowly descended along with the handful of cherubs that surround her. As she smiled at her, Yoshiko realised something, she realised why her opponent gave of a sense of warmth and familiarity, her opponent had celestial blood in her, what she was facing was essentially a child of made of both man and celestial blood. Her opponent wasn’t a demon, it was a demigod.

What does this new revelation mean for Yoshiko?

What crazy new powers will our two combatants display?

Who will be the victor?

Find out next time.

To be continued….