anime of the year you guys

     Hello! My name is Mike and I’m more than excited to introduce myself! I’m a 19 year old guy, happily going about my life in humble ol’ Ohio. Quite frankly, my interests are a bit spread out (and not to mention numerous) so I’ll just give you a lowdown on what occupies most of my time! 

Anime? Hell yes. Love that stuff, anything fluffy goes. Feelsy anime? Show me what you’ve got! Video games are a big one for me, whether it be browser based, console platforms, or on my DS system, video games have my heart. I love music. I love hearing new music, whether I end up liking it or no! 

    Now, to get even more specific…I love RWBY, Fire Emblem (duh~), and too many Anime to count, so you’ll learn that stuff as we get to know each other. Anywho! I’m gonna wrap this up with a humble have-a-good-day, and I’ll see you around!

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I feel like I have the strangest story about how I found DnP. I had just gotten YouTube back in 2012, and I was scrolling through some videos and I saw an AMV called "Yaoi through the years" and it had a few drawings of anime guys and such, one of them was of DnP. So I for about a year or so, I thought they were anime characters, until I found their videos through a porn/yaoi site because it was tagged "the gayest thing you'll ever see" and it was PINOF 2.

im crying this is beautiful

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Do you have any tips for finding a style of your own?

Anonymous said:

Hi, hello, i was just wondering, but how can i improve my art style? I’ve tried a lot of styles like realistic but i find nothing that suits me. My art still looks like a 10 year old weeaboo drew a failed anime picture.

OK THIS GUY!! he does SUCH good videos and answers this exactly how i would:

this is such a technical and preferential kind of question. it’s literally all about exaggeration and what you prefer. that’s why i thank myself for starting with realism, because it helped me understand how to distort things. in order to understand how to distort a feature, i needed to know how to draw it in it’s undisturbed state.

best of luck!


First thank you for following me ♥ Recently I got 4k and I was very happy, so I made this ff (sorry for the shit edit) and also my blog completed two years here lol Well, I’m apologizing in advance because in the future I will not be so present here because college, so I hope you understand and don’t leave me ><

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Imagine If....

Sieglinde Sullivan grabs Ciel’s penis just to make sure he was male in the Green Witch arc.
Later, Sebastian and Ciel are in a room together all alone and Ciel is ranting about how he wants to go home, saying “All this werewolf bullshit, that damn Wolfram guy who wants to behead us all and especially you, and I had a little girl grab my….. thing!”
Sebastian, in reply, says “ Well… young master, you are 13 years old now. By now, you should get that thing,” as he points to Ciel’s crotch “working.”

Silence as Ciel looks up at Sebastian with this look on his face like he was Sebastian’s disappointed father.

HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY, @kevinkevinson!!
I tried to upload this to tumblr yesterday, but the upload struggled for 5 minutes and then just. stopped. lmao (actually, Iโ€™m crying but shhhhโ€“ and at least the upload worked on twitter lol)

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Not Over Yet: Chapter 13

“Not Over Yet” SNK Modern AU: Two torn ex-lovers grow to rekindle old flames once their paths recross, after nearly six years of learning how to live without each other.

Rating: M // Words: 11k // Pairing: Eren x Mikasa

Chapter Summary: Mikasa finds herself helplessly drawn to Eren, tittering dangerously close to the edge. If she falls into him again, there’s no coming back out. And she knows that.

A/N: Surprise! I got impatient. Thank you to those that read this. Thanks for giving your support, for being nice, for not abandoning the story. Also, thank you to my angels @idk-anime and @thecrowsare-watching for revising this thing. I made a playlist for Eren if you guys would like to hear. Adios.

Preview Ch 13: Same Old Demons and Some New Friends…

“Hello,” she breathes, her arm still trapped in Sasha’s. He’s standing on the stairs, looking so disheveled that it makes her laugh. Her voice is jittery and insecure, thrashing about in her throat like her heartbeat. It beats faster, faster; and maybe his does too, because he flattens a hand on his chest as if he were trying to calm it.

Hush, she whispers in her soul. Calm down, heart.

It doesn’t listen.

[ / AO3 ]


This is extremely long overdue by about 5 months, but to celebrate the relaunch/revamp of my blog (I was previously chinese-fujoshi), and to celebrate my transition (?) from a One Ok Rock & JRock blog to an anime/gaming/kpop/kdrama blog, I decided to do a follow forever!

Here, I just want to let all my favourite anime/videogame blogs know that I appreciate them, and to let those who I’ve been following, even since before I changed blogs, that I love you guys! For some blogs, I’ve followed you for over 3 years, while for others it may have only been 3 days, but I still love you all~! I also know that many of you are popular tumblr people senpais and I’m just a lowly peasant person you don’t even know, but I just want to show that I still love you for bringing all the many fandom stuff to my dash! (/^o^)/

Keep it up!
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Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus   (anime/manga - Sailor Moon)

HEART EYES. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: She’s gorgeous and tough and has a significant other (omg their relationship kdjfaklsdjfskdj <33) who actually kicks ass as well (sorry Sailor Moon, your man and his roses don’t cut it as well as Sailor Neptune). Also, GOOD LORD that fashion sense so 90′s much magic wow. <3 

P.S. Her sailor scout outfit has the best shoes, you guys. I WANT THEM.

DGM Resource Masterpost

Hey Everyone! (please reblog and share!)

So lately, with the new DGM chapters and the announcement of the new anime, I’ve basically fallen into DGM fandom hell. This means that I’ve been devoting a probably unhealthy proportion of my daily college-student life to DGM, but well, some things you just can’t help doing. 

I’ve spent years in this fandom, and I have quite a collection of my favorite fanfiction, amv’s, mmv’s, music, resources, etc..

But what I want to do, partly for my own benefit as well, is to share all this great stuff with all you amazing people! Starting sometime soon (aka whenever I have free time after finishing hw for classes), I’m going to start putting together a MASSIVE DGM resource guide.

But because I’ve never done anything like this on this kind of scale, I want everyone’s input, both on recommendations and on how to actually do this lol.

I would love it if everyone could send me/tell me about their favorite:

1.) DGM fanfics: I’ll be honest and admit that I’m a Yullen addict, so most of the fanfic that I want to include is Yullen or no pairings. However, this is where I desperately need you guys! I need people, from other ships, to send me recommendations. I want to make sure everyone in the DGM fandom can get something out of this post. Every rec that I get from people, I’ll be reading to make sure it follows general guidelines of being REALLY GOOD fanfiction. Like I don’t want it just because it’s your baby or whatever you want to call it, I want it because it’s written so well that it blew your mind away. It can be any rating, in-complete or complete.

2.) AMV’s/MMV’s: I think that I already have this one done. I’ve already made a pretty comprehensive playlist on my youtube account, so I just need to go through and delete anything that’s been removed. You can find this playlist by going to my youtube page. I’ve made a decent amount of DGM mmv’s myself (my username is 13thReflection, which you can find a link to on my tumblr page or searching youtube for dgm mmv and you’ll see on the first page my mmv “[DGM] endless wonder”). BUT youtube is huge, so I’ve probs missed something here and there, so I’d appreciate it if you guys could still give me recs! I’m pretty solid on the older ones, so it would be super helpful if you could give me some newer stuff.

3.) Music: Do you guys have a song that, whenever you listen to it, are instantly thrown into DGM emotional hell?? Because I have TONS lol. SEND ME SONGS PLEASE.

4.) Resources: Everything from Hoshino’s instagram, to where to buy the newest chapters/the reverse novels, novel translations, merch, art, etc. GIMME YOUR RESOURCES.

Even if you don’t know anything, please reblog and share! I want as many people as possible to see this, because I want it to be as comprehensive as possible! I’m open to questions or whatever, so message me if you have them :)

Note: I won’t be doing anything with cosplay or fanart because that’s an entirely different monster to deal with and I don’t have THAT much time. BUT if people are super interested in recent tumblr artists/blogs idk maybe I’ll add them too

EDIT 1/28: Crossover’s are totally OK. also I forgot to mention that once I have everything gathered THAT’s when I’ll be posting the masterlist, which will either be a page or post on my blog (????) idk yet but I’ll figure it out.

As a general timeframe, this is AT THE LATEST gonna be finished by like June or something, but that’s only if college decides to blow up in my face this semester. I’d like to be open to submissions for like 1-2 months though and I’ll be working on it all at the same time.

okay if yall aren’t watching Boku dake ga Inai Machi also known as Erased you should it’s so good this 29 year old guy has the ability to go back in time for short periods of time and prevent something bad from happening and then when (spoilers) !!!!!! his mom gets murdered he gets sent back in time 18 years to when he was a kid and three murders took place of his classmates that he couldve stopped so now he has to prevent them from happening as a kid!  it’s so good and it’s all on crunchyroll theres 4 episodes so far! go go go!!


Hi studyblr community

I’m Gileen, I’m 15 (scorpio) and in my second last year of high school (s/o to the class of 2017)

In these two years I’ll be doing the IB Diploma

The subjects I’m in are:
HL: biology | chemistry | psychology
SL: english lit | chinese ab | maths

Other blogs: @fuy-u (anime blog) @zhxlin (aesthetic blog)

Btw this is a side blog so follows are from the aesthetic blog above

Hmu and lets become friends

ONE OK ROCK live in Manila (a week after)

(image by Ryla Espineda on Facebook)

How to move on, indeed?

It has been a week (and three days?) since I saw these amazing guys live on stage. And yes, I still have not moved on. Hereโ€™s my experienceโ€ฆ

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Get to stay at my best friends for the weekend:3
So happy you guys.
It’s always a feeling of everlasting childlike wonder and magic. A friendship like that of Kingdom Hearts.
I don’t know what I would do without this person. They are really apart of me. 10 years and so on ~

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I know it’s the year of Sanji and all but I just wanna know one thing even if it’s just a page worth. How is Kid doing? Is he dead? Is he now Kaido’s bitch? I need to know what’s going on with that punk.

I care about Hawkins and Apoo too, just not as much??? 

I think it’s because of Kid’s red hair, I’m always weak for red-haired anime guys…*sighs* 

Anyway back to the point Kid you better be alive.


well then

happy belated tumblr birthday to me


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not happy to have met this loser: @elusivetranscendent


i’m glad to have met you all

here’s to another year

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