anime of the year you guys

My Top 20 Anime-Influenced TV Series

This is a list of my most favorite TV series from my PreTeen to my Adult Hood years. Hope you guys like it.

1. Steven Universe

2. Kappa Mikey

3. My Life Me

4. Totally Spies

5. Martin Mystery

6. W.I.T.C.H.

7. Wakfu

8. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

9. Code Lyoko

10. Avatar: The Last Airbender

11. RWBY

12. The Legend Of Korra

13. Teen Titans

14. Ben 10: Alien Force

15. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go

16. Samurai Jack

17. Jackie Chan Adventures

18. Xiaolin Showdown

19. Magi-Nation

20. Boondocks

let me help you fall in love with tanaka’s character (i’m gonna cut some parts from the first volume of the manga).

this is tanaka ryunosuke. he appears for the first time in the manga on vol 1 . he’s a second year and as you can see, he’s got that delinquent boy look going on. oh, and you’re gonna see that facial expression a lot, it’s his signature. it’s meant to intimidate people, but, no, just no, it’s hilarious af. 

guys, guys, guys, tanaka is a dork. we love dork characters, right?

he’s so simple minded. he’s just like bokuto. i’m dying.

whether you’ve watched the anime or you’re reading the manga, you probably know that the weird duo knocks off the vice principal wig, leading to daichi kicking them out of the gym. this scene is right before any of that happens. daichi is trying to talk to hinata and kageyama, but they’re just too absorbed in arguing that they do not hear him. tanaka is scolding them because daichi san is talking. he respects the third years a lot and wants the first years to respect them as well. we love respectful characters, right?

and here is the part where i start talking about how good of a senpai (and a person) tanaka is. this guy wakes up at 4 to let those two practice in the gym without daichi knowing (heh). this is obviously not the only time tanaka looks out for his kouhais. there are so many scenes in which you can see tanaka taking care of the kids. my favorite one? it’s probably the one from the OVA. if you still haven’t watched it, go watch it, because if you still think that tanaka’s nothing more than a funny gag, you’ll understand that you’re wrong. so wrong.

he is such a caring person. karasuno, his teammates mean so much to him. when hinata and kageyama don’t pass their exams, they need to re-do it, but in order to practice with the others in tokyo they need a ride. in the OVA you see tanaka asking his sister if she can do this favor for him, at first she tells him no because it’s an at least four hours drive, but then she sees her brother counting his savings. guys, guys, guys, here me out, tanaka’s willing to use his own money for hinata and kageyama. unfortunately he doesn’t have enough, but do you know what he does to provide a ride for them? he kneels in front of his sister and begs her. and he did not tell anyone how hard it was for him to provide a ride for hinata and kageyama. y’know, he deserves being called tanaka senpai by everyone everyday of his life, tanaka is the man

but this, this is probably what i like the most about him. this is just an example, okay? here we have tsukishima, telling them about kageyama’s nickname. tanaka has never liked people talking shit about others. look at his expression, he’s mad. he’s gonna scold tsukishima, but daichi stops him. this happens not a lot, but a shit amount of lots. tanaka is always ready to shut up people who belittle others. he steps up for kageyama, he is always there for hinata, he’s always ready to say “no, don’t say that you’re great” whenever someone is self depricating or he’s ready to fight whenever they talk shit of his friends. he’s such a good character, guys. 

(oh, and have i already told you how strong this person is? when oikawa’s targeting him he puts himself together. all by himself. most players wouldn’t be able to do that, they’d be so down because they’d made a lot of mistakes, but tanaka? not tanaka, bitch. tanaka is stronger than that. tanaka is better than that. tanaka slaps himself and receives that powerful serve.)

tanaka is in my top 5 favorite haikyuu characters and now you kinda know why. i think there’s so much more i need to say, but this post is getting too long. but please, give a little love to tanaka ryunosuke. call him tanaka senpai. he deserves it.

OMG Guys look!

I’m pretty satisfied with my ship in the spoilers *w* YAY for Gajevy! BUT LOOK WHAT I NOTICED! Look at Gajeels suit!!! 

Heres a zoom in

Gajeel has never worn this suit before in the manga or the anime, but I have seen this before from a very popular gajevy artist that I’m pretty sure all of you know as rboz (and I think Mashima is a fan to ;))

See! Look!!!

:D ahhhhh I think Mashima liked the outfit so much he added it to the final chapter X3 plus Levy being pregnant has made my year!

Hope they add more details in the anime!

I was innocently scrolling through amazon, looking for Sidney Crosby related wares as you do, when I stumbled upon this action figure

Pretty cool! Totally normal for a pro athlete, but then I accidentally zoomed in and–

Uhhhhhhhh Sidney



And right then, as I contemplated how they managed to create a Sidney Crosby face mold that sucks the soul right out of your eyeball sockets, I realized that multi-millionaire, face of the NHL, Sidney Crosby must have many many toys on the market that boast his face. This can’t be the only one. I furthered my research. I was not disappointed.

And so I present to you below the cut:


*rated by me*

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Welcome to AroAces of Color!

This is a blog created by and for asexual and aromantic people of colour, where we can have our own space to discuss sexuality, identity, culture and the intersections of each. We welcome questions, discussions and advice from all ace and aro people of colour, and we’re very open to fandom headcanons, discussions of asexuality/aromanticism in media, and more. 

We created this blog to have a space to call our own, and to welcome other POC on the aro and ace spectrum. So if you’re an a-spectrum poc, come join us to connect, ask questions and share ideas! Our mods are all people of colour from a variety of backgrounds and ages.

Blog Content:

We welcome all kinds of content! Everything from headcanons, discussions, rants, questions, concerns, and advice from or about ace/aro poc are a-OK. We can also try to provide advice to followers seeking it as best as we can.

Otherwise, our blog will have following guidelines:

  • This is a discourse-free blog.  
  • This blog will be free of bigotry of any kind, against any race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender identity or sexuality, etc. No terfs or swerfs allowed.
  • This blog will prioritise people of colour. While white followers are welcome here, please remember that this space is catered primarily towards aro and ace PoC.
  • Our topics will be intersectional and inclusive of all aces and aros. Contents here will vary - we hope to discuss political issues, including how our race and our identity intersect with each other, our experiences in regards to family, friends, religion, and maybe even give advice to our readers. We welcome discussion, as long as both sides remain civil. We also welcome ace/aro headcanons about characters of colour, anecdotes, advice, questions and rants. Being from a diverse range of backgrounds, we also hope to provide a variety of perspectives on the topic of asexuality and race.

We also very much welcome content suggestions from our followers, as long as they are within our guidelines.

Our mods are:

@cryingcucumber​ - Mai Li - 21 - She/Her or They/Them -  lesbian demiromantic ace questioning nonbinary -  Korean/Ashkenazi 

I’m a media studies nerd with a love of video games, a toy collector, a hobbyist artist, and a recent college grad. I’m cryingcucumber on tumblr, come talk to me about the social impact of video games or other nerd stuff!

@europa-io - Europa - 21 - She/Her - Aro/Ace - Indian 

I go by Europa, she/her pronouns are good with me and I’m 21 years old. I’m proudly aromantic and asexual. I’m Indian but I was born in South Africa, and I’m currently living in Australia. I’m doing my Bachelor of Science in Maths and Physics currently. I love space, astronomy and all things Maths, especially topology. As for hobbies, I enjoy reading, games, anime/manga, drawing/painting (I’m terrible at it though), playing with my dog Samson and drinking tea. I’m europa-io on tumblr if you ever want someone to talk to.  

@kuraihonofullmeta​ / @thelordofdarknes - Vlad - 17 - She/Her - Quoiromantic Asexual - African-American

I’m Vlad and my pronouns are she/her. I am only weeks away from 18 and I am a possibly non binary quoiromantic asexual, who has some type of attraction to females and female aligned individuals. I am an African-American, living in America. I am a quite boring individual, whose interests include anime, most of the shows on the SyFy channel, Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, most movies from the MCU (except Captain America) and other books/movies/shows of science fiction and fantasy subject matter, so long as it has action in it.

@mooncake24 - Sofia - 16 - She/Her - Cis Alloromantic Ace - Native American

Hello, I’m Sofia a 16 year old who goes by she/her pronouns and I am a cis alloromantic ace ( though things may change, I am still figuring myself but I will always be ace). I am a proud Native American, who was born in San Francisco but is being primarily raised in Houston. I live for memes and nerding out over the things I love such as comics/anime/cartoons,history and medicine. My dream is to one day become a surgeon and to open my own hospital.

@se-anubis​ - Se-Anubis - 19 - He/Him or They/Them -  Agender Asexual Aromantic Panalterous - African-American

Hello, I’m Se-Anubis, a 19 year old Agender Asexual Aromantic Panalterous Black guy. I use he/him or they/them pronouns, but it doesn’t really matter to me. Originally from Louisiana, I’ve lived pretty much everywhere in the Southern US. Big anime fan, but I love most animation, even in America. If you see a HC for a cartoon or book that you’ve never heard of, it was probably me, lol.

@stardust-rain - Alex - 27 - She/Her - Aromantic Asexual - Chinese

I’m stardust (or Alex), I’m a 1.5 generation Chinese diaspora who grew up in Sweden, recently finished my MA and am currently working in Hong Kong. I like reading, space, cities, urban fantasy and audio drama and occasionally going on long rants about politics and representation.

Extra thanks to @uncontinuous for the original idea. 

The definitely not definitive sports anime guide

So I did a thing a while back (a year ago, in fact) where I tried to make a primer for sports animes. I have since watched Many, Many More so let’s do this again (still no Daiya no Ace tho).
Based purely on my own meandering experience, here’s a hopefully comprehensive guide on picking your next set of adoptive sons.

Note: There’s ten shows so this is going to be long, you guys. Just… so long. And there will be many exclamation points.

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SnK - AoT New Ending Analyze!

Cause that is my favorite thing to do.

But first, a little warning if you are an anime only fan!

Originally posted by ithelpstodream

Major manga spoilers.

You know what to do better than me.

Scroll down, this post does not exist for you.

For others, guess who screenshotted every single scene of new ending and meta all the way?

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The pokemon players
  • The starter: picks pokemon according to their cuteness. They're not very strong and probably lose a lot of battle.
  • The true player: has always a good, balanced party ready for any occasion.
  • The true player 2.0: picks pokemon according to their cuteness. Somehow manages to have a very strong party.
  • The 90s player: if you listen to the winter wind you can hear them lamenting how the second gen was the best. Played a run with only bug type at least twice.
  • The Mom: *point a finger at a ludicolo* is that a pikachu?
  • The random player: probably only started oras and black2 and never finished them. Doesn't remember the names of their starter.
  • The pkmn go player: only watched the anime. Played pkmn go for two weeks and got bored.
  • That Guy: played every single pkmn game but hates the last ones because they are too simple. Is thirty years old and gets angry at kids for liking pkmn sumo.
  • The freak: draws over sexualised antropomorphic pokemons.
  • The troll: first enemy of the 90s player and That Guy. Calls the pokemons by their wrong names on purpose but is actually a very good player.
  • The unaware troll: a random player who run in too many 90s players and called victreebel "upside down pear" in front of them.
Yuri On Ice 1 Year Survey
Quick Survey Only 16 Questions

Hello! This blog is almost a year old and I though of trying to do a survey of the Yuri On Ice Fandom. It would mean a lot if you guys would take the time to fill out this 16 question anonymous  survey.

I’m still debating if I want to have the stopping date be on the 1 year anniversary of this blog, or have the information out by the anniversary. That information is still to come.

Descriptions of Anime by my friend who has never seen any of them
  • Free!: This is about swimming why the fuck is it called free?
  • Noragami: Track suit, John Cena, and sword boy sweep the nation
  • Attack on Titan: This is actually pretty fucked up
  • One Punch Man: The six million dollar man dyes his hair and teams up with Baldy to save the world
  • Uta no Prince Sama: music is love, music is life
  • Kamisama Kiss: I stopped listening after you said "fox guy"
  • Magi: One thousand and one nights, but with more colorful hair
  • Black Butler: Great Expectations the anime
  • Kamigami no Asobi: Mythology the anime
  • Hunter x Hunter: Twelve year olds kick ass
  • Tokyo Ghoul: cannibalism
  • Soul Eater: People are weapons? wtf?
  • Haikyuu!!: Volley Ball the anime
  • Owari No Seraph: Dystopian Twilight with demons
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Robot and blondie try to get their bodies back
  • Akame ga Kill: Assassins "R" Us

*walks up to mic*

*clears throat*



I don’t like to think there’s many “wrong” ways to play a game but there is this weeb in my discord who decided to play New Vegas for the first time with like at least a dozen mods that add in dumb weeb shit like “android bodies” (think the x-box ninja from overwatch) and anime weapons and crazy hair and extra companions (he has like 3 companions simultaneously) and it is agonizing to listen to this guy who completely dismantled the setting and atmosphere of the game whine about how he can’t romance more women for his “harem” or that the game isn’t letting him use more of his dumb weeb mod shit in the DLCs or how ugly the base game is compared to mods made like 7 years after the fact

So I guess that’s my one rule now don’t mod a game you haven’t played yet especially when it is highly praised for its atmosphere and writing

Bit more about Japanese culture and anime...

There was some interest after this Inuyasha post. Thought it would be cool to go more in-depth and relate it to anime, so next time you watch something you can go, “Oh yeah. That happens over there.”

Originally posted by sam2119931

No, THAT doesn’t happen in Japan.

As a word of caution: I grew up near Tokyo in the 90′s, when the economic bubble had burst but your average family didn’t feel the effects until later. Culture may have shifted slightly after the economic downturn (I know there’s a more nationalistic undertone now, like most of Asia), and everything I say will not apply to all of Japan. Places like Sapporo and Ōsaka have their own distinct cultures, like how New York and Texas are uniquely different.

But since most anime are set in or are geared towards the Tokyo crowd, I have a good idea of the cultural influences. Especially when relating it to Inuyasha, which was published and set in the 90′s (at least in Kagome’s modern time).

Originally posted by 19-de--fevereiro


Also, what I’m about to say below is about Japan (Tokyo). Please don’t start applying it to other countries in Asia, or you will be laughably misled.

Additionally, I’m not some researcher who did extensive study on my own culture. I’m just relating to y’all my background, experiences, and the little bit of knowledge I’ve gleaned from my memories of living there as a little girl, as well as from stories shared by my parents.

Suffice it to say, you should not cite me for your research paper.

Originally posted by emiria

You’re on your own, suckers!

I didn’t want to bother making multiple posts, so this is gonna be looooong. It’s not all roses either. If you have this fantastic, perfect vision of Japan, turn back now! You hear me?

Now then.

Are you ready, kids?


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1. I’m in love with your boyfriend.


Also if you like the oneshot, let me know and comment some prompts because I’ll do them :)

SUMMARY: Dan’s girlfriend Ella comes to stay with him and Phil for a week and Phil is shocked by how he feels about it.

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