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So I've been thinking of getting into ball jointed dolls, any recommendations on how to start? Maybe sites you go on with reduced prices?

Sorry for the late reply! Here’s a list of some of the most inexpensive companies I know!

Bobobie (Bobobie and ResinSoul share some of the same sculpts)

ResinSoul (They’ll do custom colors!)

MiroDoll (They’ll do custom colors!)

5 Star Doll

Doll Leaves

Angel of Dream

Magical Angel doll (They have a facebook but I dont know if they’re still in business?)

Parabox/Obitsu (Anime styled dolls in vinyl/plastic)

Hujoo (ABS Plastic dolls)

BJDS come in a plethora of sizes!

The main sizes are:

Tinies 1:12 scale: (not sure what there size usually is.)

YoSD (Young Super Dollfie) 1/6 scale:  Around 7 Inches or 27cm

MSD (Mini Super Dollfie) ¼ scale: Around 18 inches or 45cm

SD (Super Dollfie) 1/3 scale: Around 20-23 inches or  60cm and upward (Some even up to two feet!)

Getting into BJDS can be overwhelming due to the prices, and sheer number of them! There are so many to pick from! The best way to do it is to decide on a size and style you like! I like MSDs because they’re easy to carry, and the more anime/cartoony ones. Some BJDs are really anime, some are really realistic!

Their looks vary depending on the artist. <: So find a company/artist you like and look around!

If you find a BJD you like, but its out of your budget, its better to save up than to settle for something you dont like as much because it’s cheaper.

Also, be VERY Careful about buying second hand on eBay! As a rule, I’d suggest staying faaaaar away from eBay! People will steal the artists work, recast them, sometimes in lower quality resin, and sell them at cheaper prices because they’re bootlegs. Please never buy a recast doll! This really hurts the artists who make them and they can have poorly drilled holes and bubbles and gaps. =C If you find a deal on eBay and want to know if it’s stolen work send me a message! But stay far away from eBay as a starter!

Artist have gone out of business because of recasting, it’s not nice at all. D=

If you have any questions feel free to messege me!

I’m happy to welcome you to the money eating hobby! =D


So my husband finally got his vinyl anime dolly like he always wanted XD

He wanted a DD forever now but they are always a bit too pricy for a doll that requires a lot of care >> I never even thought of Obitsus before. Probably because all I ever saw was Gretel and that face is very unpleasant to me.

Then we actually went to check it out and realized that they sell really cute heads. Also very affordable. He liked the 48 body the most and it came with a head too.  She is so pretty and soft and bigger than I imagined. The total was only $200 including EMS from Japan from the Parabox site. So if you are looking for a DD alternative, here it is. She also comes with the magnetic plate to stand on and poses like a champ <3
I am getting really fond of vinyl dolls now.

*squeezes boob*