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Ten Count and other popular manga getting anime adaptation in August 2017!

The anime will be airing starting the 10th August 2017 under the name of 6 Lovers~~ The TV 6 Lovers will have 6 episodes each with a duration of 22 minutes, so probably each episode will focus on a couple.

01. Renai Ruby no Tadashii Furikata Bangai-hen

02. Kuroneko Kareshi: Kuroneko Kareshi no Mittsu no Himitsu♥

03. Ze: Sanka no Chikai

04. Ten Count: Kurose-kun to Shirotani-san to Android

05. Ameiro Paradox: Maruhi Tape

06. Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku: Seitokaichou-tachi no Nichijou


Dear + announced on July 31 on Twitter that the 6 Lovers DVD Which should be released on August 10th. The magazine says it is currently scheduled for release in the fall of 2017, without specifying the exact date .