anime north

Okay so I finished this a bit late. It’s an 11x17 print I did for selling at Anime North this year… even though Dragon Age stuff is not exactly anime. :P I’m heading over to my table(friend’s table) hopefully soon. I should be there all weekend.

***I am NOT in Artist’s Alley. I sell my prints along with my friend’s stuff(wigs, shotglasses and other neat stuff) in the vendor area! The store is called “Cactus Mafia”.***

Also, the reason behind the key and ribbon is pretty much every playthrough I’ve done ever on DA2… I am always romancing both Fenris and Anders… but can’t help staying with Anders in the end.  :P It’s hard to see because it’s small, but the key is Hawke’s housekey. It has his Family crest on it.

I’ve been meaning to do a Berserk piece for a long while now. It’s my all time favorite manga series and I’m so glad that they’re releasing a new anime this summer. The dark fantasy and awesome story and character development has been such a great experience. I can’t wait to see more of it!

This one took a lot thought to figure out, but I had a lot fun doing it! I hope you guys enjoy it ;)

This is my last new print for the upcoming  Anime North. Prints will be made available at Anime North and Otakuthon.

Star Guardian Lux print (8.5″ x 11″) for Anime North 2016! I’ll be at H05 this year please do stop by! :) I’ll have other League prints, other fanart, original works (over 50 prints!), buttons and keychains! I’ll post my catalog soon ^-^ It was fun meeting some of you last year!