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Fun! Haikyuu!! Asks

Kageyama: How do you feel about milk and what is your favorite kind?

Hinata: What is your “bathroom”? (Place you run into people you don’t want to see the most)

Tsukishima: How do you feel about dinosaurs?

Yamaguchi: Name you say most often?

Tanaka: How often do you try to intimidate someone or go looking for a fight?

Noya: Do you have any special moves?

Ennoshita: Are you the only responsible person in your group?

Suga: How much sass do you exude?

Daichi: Are you the parent friend of the group?

Asahi: Ponytail, bun or headband?

Kiyoko: How often do you beat off adoring fans?

Yachi: What do you overact about the most?

Kuroo: What kind of nerd are you?

Kenma: Favourite video game platform?

Lev: Do/would you try to pet stray cats?

Taketora: Are you a bro type of friend?

Inuoka: What makes you excited?

Bokuto: What are you the greatest at?

Akaashi: Prettiest person you know?

Yukie: Do you love eating?

Konoha: Nickname you hate?

Komi: How loud of a person are you?

Oikawa: Do you believe in aliens?

Iwaizumi: How athletic are you?

Kyotani: Are you a dog person?

Terushima: Do you like to party?

Aone: Would you sit next to someone scary looking on a train?

Ushijima: Who needs to go to your school?

Tendou: What kind of “monster” are you?

Shirabu: Who would you do anything for?

Goshiki: Tell me about your dream!

(I’ve been seeing some fandom asks floating around and decided to make some Haikyuu!! ones. A lot of these are only minimally related to the characters, but I wanted these to be fun and lighthearted.
I’m working on serious Haikyuu!! Asks where I will do every character from each team, so if your favourite isn’t here, just wait!)

Also! I will be sending asks to the first 26 people (probably more) that reblog this to get the fun started! :)

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Ok I totally failed the face lol (≧∀≦) And I totally hate you for making me translate that haha I do not know Japanese :( ❤ just a few words and phrases picked up from anime and a little of Duolingo 😅😅 I take it you do?

Yeah Japanese is my major actually but I don’t think I’ll do anything with it… so I just know it for no reason I guess :’) but I love trying out my Japanese and talking to people. It’s good to use a language as much as possible to get better at it.

I wanna draw stuff for you guys! 😀 but since these are requests I will only do them in traditional and I will try to do them as soon as possible, but I may not do some so please bare with me… Please put the ideas in my 🍄inbox🍄 so I can see them and tell me whether it not you want to be tagged. Also if y'all could reblog this that’d be great of you. 😗

Examples of stuff I can do:
- Cartoons (eddsworld, voltron legendary defender, steven universe, etc.)
- Webcomics
- HUMANIZED animal characters
- Rule 63 / genderbends
- Some anime
- Slenderverse/creepypasta/horror
- OCs
- Ships ( just make sure to keep it sfw)
- Gore
- other stuff that may be in my blog somewhere I guess

- I can only draw human/mostly humanoid characters (please don’t ask for animals…)
- Gore is the only nsfw I will do
- My style is inconsistent and depends on how I am functioning on a certain day, so please don’t kill me. I am doing my best! 😂

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nicknames: John, not really a nickname. I used to go by ”Baum”, but no one calls me that anymore.
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why did i choose my url: It’s the name of a song I once wrote.
gender: m
hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
pokémon team: Rocket
fave color: Dark green
average hours of sleep: 8, I’m a model-sleeper
favorite characters: Ryudo and Millenia from Grandia II, Seven from 999
dream job:  Scientific programmer by day, metal guitarist by night
number of blankets i sleep with:  As many as there are available - one if Anna is home, two if I sleep alone

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Double Black - The most vicious duo in Yokohama’s Underworld, that once wiped out an enemy organization of ability users in a single night - shall be resurrected just this once.

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Bungou Stray Dogs || 8. Favourite Romantic Relationship
    ↪ asked by anonymous

  • Viktor: Hey Yuuri! Want to go watch a movie and cuddle with Makkachin?
  • Yuuri: Sorry Viktor I can't. Me and Yurio are practicing together today.
  • Viktor: Well, What am I supposed to do all day while you're gone?
  • Yuuri: I don't know. What do you normally do when I'm gone?
  • Viktor: *sniffles* Wait for you to get back.