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i feel like a senior citizen on this site like ive been here for 6+ years and i cant keep up. back in my day i clawed my way to the top with shitty puns and Relatable Meme Gifs, now everything is carefully calculated shitposts that i cant seem to grasp the formula of… im in ruins….. i did not live thru the mishapacolypse and tumblr prom for this…

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Inspired by @2oo2grl and her superb taste in music. I thought I’d share a personal favorite.

I suggest you listen to the stream with headphones on and make sure you keep the volume somewhere in the middle so you don’t get distracted and it’s overall more relaxing. Thank me later. x 

xo-imperfectlyperfect-xo  asked:

Matchup please! I'm hispanic and I have brown, wavy hair and freckles. My favorite hobby is drawing, I like to watch anime and listen to music while writing stories. I'm 5'1 feet tall, and I'm a bit on the chubby side. I'm a bit of a crybaby, but I can be random and sweet, once you get to know me. Thank you! I love your blog!

I ship you with Joey! He loves how sweet you can be. If anyone makes you cry, he will hunt them down to the ends of the Earth. Since he was an animator, he will help you with character design and not straying from the plot. And if you are ever feeling down, he will kiss all your little freckles and tell you how much he loves you, and other stuff he classifies as ‘sappy’.

I want to punch every US-only service in the balls. I’d be willing to pay money for reading manga/watching anime/listening to music IF YOU PROVIDED THE SERVICE FOR ME. YOUR MOM is not available in your country! Fuck you! I’m pirating this shit like everyone else!