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I dunno if you've answered this before, but what are your 4-5 top animes that inspire you to work out after DBZ? Or if none, then just favorite animes about fighting.

Anime SHOWS besides DBZ that inspire me to workout?

Okay I Got em and I even linked the workouts I made for them :) the last one I’m saving for Halloween! and one of em Im saving for after I bulk. 


1) One Punch Man

I even got the Saitama Body

2) Hajime No Ippo 

3) Baki the Grappler 

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4) Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple

5) Soul Eater 

(preferrably the MANGA) because MAH NIGGA BLACK STAR WAS SUCH A BEAST!

THOSE 5 animes/manga inspire me EVERYDAY Like DAMN I wanna train after looking at this post

This is the famous epic fight scene from the anime “Ha! It’s Not True”,
Produced by “It’s Just a Commission” studio,
premiering soon - in your dreams 2017!!

Fenris, the son of Wolf King Fenrir, teams up with Shiro the demon hunter against a horde of demons!
The two badasses even took their shirt off for fan service purpose and stuff! You bet this anime is gonna be a top hit!!

Thanks @fenris-the-badwolf for commissioning me :)