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More great Yugioh Cosplays I got to see during Anime Expo!

One of my faves was getting a picture with these two lovely cosplayers @yaboymegan (Marik) and @kristiclescosplay (Yami Bakura)!!! Omg I was so happy! :D

One of the first people I saw in yugioh cosplay, and as Bakura (of course my fave)! XD Such a sweetie @ubichromeous!

Awesome Kaiba and Mokuba cosplayers, they had a case full of Yugioh Cards!

Found a group here! Yugi and Yami, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Seth, Jou, and Yami Bakura!

I just loved how this came out! Ryou looks so happy compared to his Yami! lol

Met another Yami Bakura and a Marik! he kept laughing so I kept laughing!

Got to met Takahata101 and Nick (Lanipator) Landis from Team Four Star! :D They were so awesome!

Got them to sign our scouter~!

OMG Yugioh Abridged and Merchandise?!

Even better I got to meet LittleKuriboh himself! XD He was so nice and didn’t know they were here! So it was a wonderful surprise, I love Yugioh and Dragon Ball Z Abridged!

I got Takahata101, Nick (Lanipator) Landis, and LittleKuriboh to sign my Millenium Ring Purse I made! ;p

Ran into a Yugi cosplayer, she was super great!

Now she is Lady Kaiba! Also another Kaiba in the house! XD

Saw also Marik and Isis too!

Found this awesome artist who had Yugioh mask and a framed pic of him! lol I loved it so much, it was hard to find stuff in the Artist Alley Yugioh themed - so thank you!

If I need to tag anyone or missed a tag let me know!

Good morning cuties! 😄 Look who’s having their morning latte and getting ready for VanCaf today☕ 🌞 Like my new mug?😉 ☕✨ for my fellow coffee addicts haha 😜 I’m bringing just a few with me to VanCaf today so come see me early! 😉❤ The show opens at 10AM and I’m at table J1! 😊 I’ll be here all day today and tomorrow so stop by to see me 😁 I love getting see you guys and gals 😙💖 See you all soon!🤗💞


Can’t wait for this

It’s time for me to head out to San Diego so here’s a look at all my new goodies! 😊 I wanted to make some cute new things for what I call “my wedding con” Ha ha! These babies are all comin with me to #SanDiegoComicCon 😄 Every year #SDCC is my biggest and grandest con of the year. I’m telling ya this con is more intense then planning my own wedding! I hope you stop by my booth #4723 to see them with my other original art I’m bringing specially for the show 😘 So excited to finally head out! Bring on that hot California weather! Woo! 😆☀❤