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Today’s Anime Recommendation: Ranma ½

Most of you should have seen this one coming.. as yesterday was Inuyasha ;)

Well to start off.. I actually got into Ranma by accident. My aunt was looking for a birthday gift for me, and I had asked for Inuyasha and I had told her.. Rumiko Takahashi .. so when I opened my present and found this anime.. I was a little disappointed.  But.. I of course didn’t show it and I decided to give Ranma ½ a shot. & I am soooo glad I did. Action/Comedy/Romance/Martial Arts/Curses/plot twists/tons of new characters.. so much to love!

First off this anime is full of martial artists. Which that was pretty cool… I knew I could count on some great action.. Then of course there is the fun added fact of the Jusenkyo Spring curses…Cold water activates the curse.. Warm water turns ya back.  Now doesn’t that sound like it could lead to some fun situations? Well trust me… It does!!

With so many Springs of Drowned .. whatevers.. you would think they would have closed the place by now… How many people and critters have to drown.. before a place is deemed unsafe? lol

Ranma & Akane have been set up as Fiances to be married by their fathers.(Akanes two sisters thought she would be the best fit) Eldest sister Kasumi-sweet and carefree..and then there is Nabiki–Money scrounge.. Its all about the money with here.. lol  

Although they both deny it..Ranma and Akane slowly grow closer..they have a great Love-hate relationship. Follow Ranma on his quest to remove his curse (and others who come along that are also cursed) Don’t think it will be an easy task tho with so many love-rivals all vying for Ranma’s attention..and lets not forget the guys that Akane also has pining after her. Throw in a Panda cursed father.. who never should have been allowed to be alone with his son..(meow!..need I say more?)..a perverted panty stealing old man, a boy who is always lost, A delusional guy who thinks Kendo is Life, his equally delusional gymnastics sister, a doctor who becomes useless at the sight of his crush, and 2 foodies that will chase Ranma down til the ends of the earth. Ramen or Okonomiyaki anyone?

The characters are what really make up this anime. Each one is uniquely hilarious. And come on.. some of them are just things you would find in your bathroom.. Shampoo, Cologne, Mousse… Yep! ^_^  More and more characters are introduced and all the shenanigans they get themselves into is a riot to watch. They make sure to throw in some cute moments as well that helps me Ship AkaneXRanma all the more!!

This is a nice long anime 143 episodes, a few movies, and 12 ovas.. WATCH THEM ALL!!! you won’t regret it!  

Lets just say I loved this anime so much.. my almost 12 year old dog is named Akane-Chan! LOL

If I had to find 1 flaw with the anime.. it would have to be the fact that part way thru the english dub.. Ranma goes thru a voice change.. that of course has him sounding like Inuyasha lol (I got used to it.. but at first I was like.. Heyy wait a minute!)  (and I know that Ranma came first so really it’s inuyasha that sounds like Ranma.. but I watched Inuyasha first.. so yea..)  ENJOY~!