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seventeen’s secret blogs

now this is not to say that any or all of them have secret blogs that they’re hiding from us. these are just what i feel like they’d be doing on here if they did. 7: reblogs pictures of puppies laying in grass and funny text posts and screenshots of funny shit and posts on old friends senior dog sanctuary’s facebook page and vines a few times a week. his url has his name in it or ends with 95. or both.

jeonghan: tags are vacant. doesn’t tag anything. doesn’t write tag commentary. doesn’t usually comment directly on posts either. but he still is pretty active on tumblr, you just get little to no hint of his personality from looking through his posts. also his blog description is a george carlin quote for some reason.

joshua: he isn’t really trying that hard to keep his identity hidden but still no one knows it’s really him?? like his sidebar description says something like ‘hey guys, i’m josh. i’m 20, i’m from l.a. anime and bunnies are pretty cool’ but all his followers assume he’s this totally normal guy who never moved to south korea and became a kpop idol. he never talks about what he’s actually doing with his life. no one questions him. also, he totally checks up on seventeen tags and blogs to see what you motherfuckers are up to. be careful.

june: his blog description is basically ‘i don’t know what to write here lol’. he doesn’t say his gender or name or age or anything about himself ever. but he reblogs photosets of all the members and writes cute, affectionate things in the tags like ‘#look how handsome he is #lOOK’ or ‘#i cry #i love him so muc’. never gives any hints that he’s even met any of them. has 22 followers.

slushie: tried really hard to get into tumblr the first couple weeks of having an account. he’d tag search the first day and reblog 6 things, like 20. he’d reblog a post every few days and soon he’d just be completely inactive. if someone asks for his url in real life, he’ll still give it to you.

wonwho: has some url like ‘vintagemuffins’ or ‘capitalisttablecloth’. reblogs posts about books he’s read. occasionally makes personal posts that are just some vague observation about human life but never says anything about what made him realize that, probably because he just came up with it when he was lost in thought.

g hoon: uses twitter instead.

dokyeom: thinks nightblogging is so fucking funny. makes parodies of just girly things. reblogs memes. comments stuff like ‘IT’S BACK!!!!’ if it’s not already on the post on his dash. reblogs lots of so-called ‘classic’ tumblr posts. has the same theme from when he first made his account. uses mobile 96.99% of the time.

mingyu crank dat soulja boy: sends ask prompts. reblog asks prompts. doesn’t get any asks…. :(

v8: blogs once a month or at the airport. reblogs really salty text posts. vacant in tags. doesn’t know how to change his theme or check his activity. follows the same 5 people he followed when he made his account and no one else.

seungquan: doesn’t have time for tumblr.

vermin supreme: i know you all want me to say ‘mEM E KING SUPR EMEE’ but as a vernon stan, i honestly don’t feel like he’d be mostly a meme blog. i feel like his posts would have no fixed theme. he’d reblog some memes of course, but it’s mostly like thomas sanders’ blog tbh. except he writes in the tags. he rambles like entire paragraphs in the tags of everything. mostly in all caps, boy needs to chill.

(but they ain’t got no guts) DINO: puppies and kitties and feminism. that’s it. sometimes like pastel ducklings or doodles or some shit, but it’s like 97% puppies and kitties and feminism. definitely a positive blog.


Check out the footage from our L.A. Red Carpet Event for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Are you looking forward to seeing the movie in theaters finally? Starts on Aug 5th!

Hey guys! It’s my birthday!

So have an Elizabeth picture, taken by Blue Adept Photography!

Some general updates:

I have been working on my Maud costume from ‘A Monster in Paris’ and am super excited to finish it! I will be working on Scarlett O'Hara and Hillary Page  after I finish Maud, as well as a pin up version of Snow White from The Wolf Among Us.

Anime L.A. is happening! I will be short haired Elizabeth, Maud, and Snow White! I will post a lineup soon!

See you all at ALA!

anonymous asked:

Hajimama!!! I'm super happy~ yesterday I went with my friends to Anime-expo L.A. n I expended ALL MY MONEY in Levi Erwin all can find stuff some in Hanji Mikasa and Jean, I was saving cuz my pc it's brokend n now I can't buy a new one Oh! And I bought ALL vols of SNK n I had only 5.50dlls for a meal but the old man of the manga store gives me a muffin, I've to save againg but it was totally wort it I had a blast!! PS I'm death tired~ Love you mama

Wow that sounds like a really great day!