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THE GOLDEN BAT: Millennium Version Trailer Theme
(A Cappella)

I will never be over the fact that this reboot was cancelled.  Anyhoot, for those of you who might be unaware, “Golden Bat” is a Japanese superhero from 1931 (that’s right, older than Superman!) who made his debut in a kind of street theater known as “kamishibai.”  After being revived for two movies in 1950 and 1966, Golden Bat was turned into an anime in 1967.

You may know it by its overseas localized names: “Fantaman,” “Phantaman,” “Fantomas,” “Fantasmagorico”…  I guess nobody could decide on what to call this guy!

At any rate, the anime was ALMOST rebooted in the early 2000s by Shinichi Watanabe of Ltd. Anime International Company (AIC).  You may know Mr. Watanabe from various works, including Tenchi Muyo! GXP,  Lupin III: Da Capo of Love: Fujiko’s Unlucky Days, Sket Dance, several Shin Megami Tensei titles, and many more.

The reboot got as far as releasing a hyped-up trailer for the Golden Bat’s return, but then things went silent.  The copyright is still owned by AIC, though, so who knows–maybe we’ll be surprised in 2017, the 50-year anniversary of the Golden Bat anime!  Keep your fingers crossed!

(Here’s the original teaser trailer.)


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