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S A S U H I N A // Bento Box.

I got the idea from a post that said:

“Hinata gave her lunch to Sasuke when she noticed that he didn’t have anything to eat. That was a week after his clan’s massacre.”

or something along those lines? :)

Credit goes to whoever came up with that heartbreakingly brilliant idea~ It made me coo while I drew this.

The colouring is a bit rushed, but it’s supposed to give off an innocent, childish feel.

Fan art of Holy Roman Empire and Italy from Hetalia. 

Speedpaint link:

Art  © Nagisako
Characters ( HRE and Italy)  © Hidekaz Himaruya

Some work in progress of some Yooran fanart :3 this is my first time drawing a couple in a long time, so I’m pretty pleased with how it looks so far ;0; I love these two so much together ugh

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