anime in la

WIP of an animu eye study I’m doing to get used to sai + hopefully develop my style? Also I found out how folders work

 (pls dont ask why soul has emo eyeliner I did a thing but accidentally merged the layer or smthn and now i cant get rid of it without ruining the ref)


Anime Aesthetic : Huge macho men who can move mountains , but they are actually huge - soft teddy bears when it comes to their tiny wifes / girlfriends :)

Update …

Every Person Who Reads Fanfiction
  • "I just squealed and yelled at my phone for 45 minutes."

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

When you finish watching an anime and don't know what to do

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Being interviewed like

interviewer: so what are some of your skills?

me: professional anime watcher