anime hair flip

So now that we have Lightning doing Louis Vuitton commercials can we finally have:

  • Sephiroth as the new face of L'oreal  ( “Believe me, I put my hair through alot everyday! *shot of him in burning Nibelheim* And look at this shine! Crazy!”)
  • Cid starring in a series of funny Lipton tea commercials just going “Shut up and drink your *blip* tea” at the end
  • Zack doing Calvin Klein underwear
  • And Cloud making men worldwide question their sexuality by doing this

Hair flip

anonymous asked:

OKAY ITS STORY TIME. Well, more Narumitsu AU time. So I was thinking about how pretty pools look when they're lit up at night, and how unfair it is that you can't swim in them. So that thought led me to think about Fransiska and Edgeworth going on holiday to some fancy resort, probably from Germany to Los Angeles. And Miles and Fran have an argument one night, so Miles decides to cool down by going swimming. So he's taking a dip in a lit up pool and its like 9pm. (To be cont)

(Cont of pool thing) So, Edgey is swimming against the rules, and theres a restaurant near this pool, and one of the waiters (Pheen) notices this grey haired tourist doing breaststroke after hours. And of course, because its his job, he walks over to the pool and asks Edge to please get out of the pool. And Edgeworth gets out of the pool, anime sparkles happen, hair flips, the whole shit. And Pheen is just like ‘oh no he’s hot’

this is so relevant to my interests omfg