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Fangirl Diary

so i was walking down the corridors with one of my friends last year and being annoying to her by ninja slicing her with my hands (as you do ) and I was all like “CHI BLOCKER!” and i kid you not, this girl, who i knew but not that well,  was like;

“Did you just say Chi Blocker?”

and we both looked at each other like 

and we are now best friends :* yourealwaysgonnabebeautifultome

My friends and I will be at the Abunai con tomorrow! If you’re there, why not do a super awesome art-trade with us? AW YEAH!

And please check out our books! Levensloop contains psychological horror comics, Bitter has short horror stories, Blue Bird Days is a full colored book about my tragic gaming adventures ;A; and my friend Superkip has a funny series about science called, Voor de Wetenschap. (+ we have lots more!)